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Plan the Perfect Sleepover

Reading Time: 4 minutes Who says sleepovers are just for kiddos? There’s nothing more fun than getting your gal pals together for a night of self-care, yummy drinks, and some good food! Here are our tips for how to plan the perfect sleepover!

How to Have a Healthy Mentality: 5 Steps

Reading Time: 5 minutes While it’s important to take action towards your healthier lifestyle, we need to get us mentally in the right place if we are going to maintain our lifestyle changes. Priming our actions for success with a healthy level of mental and emotional awareness is a great place to start. Here are five steps for a healthy mentality!

2020 Back to School Essentials

Reading Time: 3 minutes August is almost over, which means school is almost back in session! It’s time to pack up that backpack and get your brain in the study zone. Whether you’re in high-school, college, or rocking on that professional degree – here are our back to school essentials for 2020.

DIY Home Spa Day

Reading Time: 5 minutes The spa may be closed, but that shouldn’t stop you from treating yourself! Let’s face it…this year has been stressful. If there was ever a perfect time for a spa day, it’s now! Here’s how to bring the spa home to you and get your relaxation on for an at-home spa day.

National Girlfriend’s Day: Gift Guide!

Reading Time: 5 minutes National Girlfriend’s Day is August 1st, and since we can’t be together IRL this year, it’s time to send your gals something sweet! Show your girlfriend you care and snag her something from the list below. We’ve got something for every type of BFF in your circle.

A Tea Recipe to Suit Every Season

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s officially time to spill the tea. Whether you like your tea steaming hot or ice-cold, here is a curated a list of tasty tea, including a tea recipe to suit every season!

Beauty Food for a Gorgeous Summer Glow

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ever heard the phrase “beauty starts starts within”? Turns out, it’s true! So true, that what we eat actually has a significant effect on how our skin looks and feels! I know the latest topical skincare trends are typically at the forefront of our awareness these days. BUT, have you ever thought about nourishing your skin from the inside out instead? So if you are ready feel great flaunting no makeup at the pool this summer, keep reading for a list of scrumptious food that will give your skin a natural & radiant glow!

Spend that Tax Refund, Gurl!

Reading Time: 6 minutes Tax season has come to an end, which means many of us have received our refunds! Yay! Check out our tips & tricks on how to spend your tax refund in 2020 by treating yourself, a friend, and the Earth!

How to Feel Confident in a Bikini 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes With temperatures climbing and 4th of July coming up, many of us are thinking about digging that swimsuit out of the back of the closet and trying it on. Especially given this year’s events — months stuck inside with snacks and no gym — that seems like it might be a scary moment. Regardless of how long it’s been since you’ve done a crunch, here are some tips on how to feel confident in a bikini. Let’s get you feeling like a supermodel in that suit!