How To Pack a Picnic: Easy Steps!

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Looking for a little Labor Day fun? Whether you’re enjoying a laid-back lunch or a delicacy-full dinner, we’ve got the best tips for the best baskets. Check out our insights on how to pack a healthy picnic!


In order to pack the perfect picnic, you need the perfect thing to pack the picnic in! Picnic baskets are a staple, and easy to find at most craft and home stores. Depending on how long you’ll be out for, you might want to opt for a picnic basket with an insulated rim, like this one.

Amazon also carries a ton of cute picnic baskets! Check this one out. It even includes utensils!

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Those ants you see on picnics in cartoons? Those are very real in real life! Picnic blankets help you keep your treats bug-free, and keep your picnic attire free of dirt! No one likes grass in their lemonade.

We found our adorable waterproof picnic blanket here.


Don’t forget the fork and knife! If your picnic basket doesn’t already come pre-packed with utensils, make sure to pack some. Napkins, paper towels, and cups are all great too. Salt and pepper is always good as a backup seasoning for your picnic guests.

Picnic spread


Pick one delicious snack or meal item to be the centerpiece of your picnic! Most picnic snacks can be low-effort, but what makes a picnic perfect is a super-special feature dish. If you’re picnic-ing in warm weather, cold menu options are refreshing crowd-pleasers. Here’s a list of some of our faves:

Options like veggies and hummus, watermelon, grapes, berries, and trail mix are great snacks to supplement your picnic meal!

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Lemonade is a classic picnic staple. Lemonade is really easy to made – lots of lemons, ice, sugar, and water. But, have you ever explored a healthier option for lemonade? We recommend our Superfood Tab lemonade – a lemonade made with 15 powerful superfoods that boost energy, metabolism, and burn calories!

Here’s our recipe:

  • Fill a large pitcher with water. For every 16oz of water, dissolve 1 Superfood Tab.
  • Cut one lemon in half. Squeeze both halves into pitcher.
  • Cut another lemon into slices; drop slices in pitcher.
  • Add lots of ice!

We hope these tips help you to have the perfect, yummy, & healthy labor day picnic!

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