2020 Back to School Essentials

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August is almost over, which means school is almost back in session! It’s time to pack up that backpack and get your brain in the study zone. Whether you’re in high-school, college, or rocking on that professional degree – here are our back to school essentials for study success in 2020.

What’s in your backpack? Are you a study snacker? Late-night grinder? Or are you a beauty queen with a love for learning? No matter your style, we’ve got you covered with the top 5 back to school essentials for 2020.

Woman with tote and Superfood Tabs
Having the perfect backpack or tote is
KEY for an awesome semester!


First, let’s talk about your backpack. This lil guy is about to be your partner-in-crime for the semester, so you want to make sure you have a great relationship. Trendy is fun, but aim for trendy + supportive, so you aren’t struggling with a sore back and a sore brain as finals roll along.

We love this structured bag with padded straps from Vera Bradley.

Not a backpack gal? Check out this awesome tote by Dagne Dover that can fit your laptop, notebook, water bottle, and a pair of backup sneakers for the gym!

Woman sitting with Superfood Tabs
Having a pair of comfy shoes will make that looooong
walk across campus feel like a total breeze!


If you’re going to be walking back and forth from the dorm to the library — or hiking it to athletic practice after a school day — comfy shoes are key. Thankfully, wearing sneakers is so in. Here are some of our faves.

We’re totally obsessed with these platform cheetah sneaks from Keds! Check them out here.

The Adidas’ Stan Smith’s are also a classic. You can get yours here.


Chances are, you’ll be pretty busy walking across campus between classes. It’s super helpful to have a big, leakproof water bottle you can toss in your bag when the bell rings and get moving!

We love the 24 ounce Hydroflask.

Woman asleep at her desk
Struggling to stay awake for your study sesh?
Try Super Amazing Coffee!


On-the-go-gals don’t always have the time for luxurious meal prep. We totally get it! For this reason, it’s totally essential to have some easy, healthy study snacks.

Carbs are easy to come by, but it’s often hard to hit your ideal protein intake. That’s why we love KRAVE JERKY. It’s made here in our hometown, Austin, Texas!

If you’re into fruity or sweet stuff, we love Peeled’s dried fruit as a healthy snacks!

If you’re looking to fight cravings & feel an energy boost, Superfood Tabs are the perfect study drink.

Woman reading the back of a Super Amazing Coffee bag
Super Amazing Coffee contains 12 powerful,
brain-boosting superfoods!


At some point this semester, you’re going to need a little extra study motivation beyond your own brainpower. Good coffee is so key for when this moment rolls around.

One of the reasons we created Super Amazing Coffee is because we wanted a powerful, brain-boosting blend for focusing at school & at work! Complete your back-to-school essentials shopping list with Super Amazing Coffee; offered in both instant coffee and pods.

We hope these tips help you to have the best back to school season ever!

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