Plan the Perfect Sleepover

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Who says sleepovers are just for kiddos? There’s nothing more fun than getting your gal pals together for a night of self-care, yummy drinks, and some good food! Here are our tips for how to plan the perfect sleepover!

Some of my absolute favorite childhood memories take place at birthday and weekend sleepovers. Back in the day, sleepovers meant eating lots of fun snacks, watching our favorite movies, and staying up late to chat. Sleepover parties are great because you get to enjoy self-care, TV, yummy food, and friends — all while in the comfort of your jammies!

We think it’s time to bring the sleepover party back. Here are our tips for how to plan the perfect sleepover!


The perfect sleepover space is cozy. It’s covered with pillows, blankets, and fluffy comforters. If you and your gals aren’t sleeping in guest rooms, you’ve gotta turn the living room into a giant bedroom! Air mattresses can also be super helpful.

As a sleepover activity, you and your girls could build a fort together with pillows and blankets! Ask each girl to bring her favorite pillow and cozy blanket for your comfy castle.

Super Amazing Creamer with spa supplies
Stock up on the spa essentials for your sleepover bash.


Sleepovers are all about self-care and indulgence! Make sure you have all the self-care supplies before you invite your pals over. Back in the good old days, self-care meant trying out new makeup and painting each others nails. Now that we’re a little bit older — and have a little bit more cash — face masks, jade rollers, aromatherapy candles, and foot soaks are are in the budget.

Treat yourself & your girlfriends to the classics of course, but we recommend upgrading your sleepover spa selection where you can! Add warm foat soaks to your pedis, friend facials to the to-do list, and light some bougie spa-scented candles to set the vibe!

Here are some of our faves:

Woman enjoying Superfood Tabs
Make sure to buy some popcorn for your sleepover movie night!


Your movie night will not be complete unless you have the proper snacks! Make sure to stock up on all the favorites – popcorn, pretzels, chips and dip, and fresh fruit. Offering both sweet & salty options is totally the way to go. Your sleepover is the perfect time to treat yourself, so make sure to have some “fun” snacks to add to your healthy routine.

Ice cream sundaes are an awesome throw-back option for your sleepover bash! If you’re not into all that sugar, opt for a lighter ice cream option like Halo Top.

If you’re doing dinner with the gals, here’s a favorite recipe of ours for DIY at-home mini pizzas!

Woman watching a movie with Super Amazing Coffee


If you’re down to have cocktails at your sleepover celebration, we have so many fun ideas for you! From a fruity party punch to a decadent chocolate cocktail, the opportunities are endless.

Beauty-Boosting Boozy Cocoa Coffee: We developed this recipe ourselves, using our Super Amazing Coffee. It’s sweet, a little boozy, & good for you!

Adult Oreo Milkshake: This yummy Oreo milkshake is made with Bailey’s, so it has a bit of a kick!

Cinnamon Roll Cocktail: Made with RumChata and Kahlua, this sweet cocktail is sure to get the party started!

Morning-After Mimosa: The morning after your sleepover, treat yourself & your gals to breakfast mimosas.

Woman enjoying Superfood Tabs
Superfood Tabs boost immunity, burn calories, and detox the body!
They’re a great addition to your self-care sleepover.


If you need some ideas for what to actually do at your sleepover, we have lots of suggestions! Here are some activities that are always fun with the gals:

Karaoke: Many smart TV’s have built-in apps for karaoke. If you don’t have a smart TV, Youtube the name of your favorite song and the word “karaoke” after. You’ll get an instrumental track with lyrics on the screen!

Board Games: Old-time classics like Monopoly, Clue, Mall Madness, Apples to Apples, and LIFE are so much fun to revisit! Recently, Settlers of Catan has gained a lot of popularity.

Watch a Scary Movie: I don’t know about you, but I almost never watch scary movies anymore! Sleepovers are the perfect opportunity to catch up on the thriller flicks you’ve missed. Some of my personal favorites include: American Psycho,

Bake Together: Baking brownies, cupcakes, or a super-cool sleepover cake is an awesome activity for your sleepover party! Have you ever seen the Netflix show Nailed It! ? It’s absolutely hilarious. I recommend trying to re-create a super advanced cake with your girlfriends. It always proves totally hilarious.

Make Friendship Bracelets: Braiding friendship bracelets is a timeless classic. Plus, they’re so cute! The yarn to make them is super cheap at your local craft store. Check out this article with how-to’s on some more advanced bracelet patterns.

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