National Girlfriend’s Day: Gift Guide!

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National Girlfriend’s Day is August 1st, and since we can’t be together IRL this year, it’s time to send your gals something sweet! Show your girlfriend you care and snag her something from the list below. We’ve got something for every type of BFF in your circle.

For your Super-Fit Girlfriend

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Blender Bottle ($12)

If your gal pal loves some pre-workout or post-workout supplements, she could always use a cute new blender bottle! These bottles come with a shaker inside, so you can mix your protein powder or pre-workout on the go! Our favorite color is the “Spring” Blender Bottle Remix. It’s a must-have!

GymShark Gift Card ($25+)

If your girl likes to lift, she’s probably obsessed with GymShark’s line of incredibly high-quality activewear. With buttery soft seamless leggings, smoothing crop tops, and supportive sports bras, you can’t go wrong! Everyone loves a gift card to to their favorite shop.

A MOBOT Foam Roller/Water Bottle ($40)

Just do a killer workout together with your girlfriend? Now its time to roll over to recovery! Foam rolling helps relieve muscle soreness, improve flexibility, and ease muscle tension — and hydration is essential for recovery, too! It’s best to foam roll 10 min after your workout for maximum results. This foam roller is portable and a water bottle, so you can bring it everywhere with you!

woman holding superfood tabs
Superfood Tabs boost energy, metabolism, & immunity!

Superfood Tabs ($55)

Superfood Tabs are essential for any healthy workout routine! They contain naturally mood and energy boosting ingredients that will help your fit GF have the best workout possible! They also boost immunity, reduce bloating, and help with weight loss!

Alo Yoga Warrior Yoga Mat ($100)

Ohm, we love Alo Yoga’s Warrior mat! These days, we know yogis are putting in extra hours to perfect their practice. This mat is durable and soft. It’s super easy to clean up, and with any purchase, you get an inside look at the Alo Moves yoga app!

For your Health-Nut Girlfriend

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Cute Meal Prep Container ($15)

Meal prepping healthy lunches can feel like a chore, especially if you’re tired! Brightening up your gal pal’s routine with cute lunch boxes will bring some happy vibes to the prep time! Check out this cute container we found on Amazon.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies ($40)

Apple Cider Vinegar has a ton of proven health benefits – and these gummies make taking your vitamins both easy & yummy! Taking two ACV gummies a day fights cravings, boosts energy, and promotes digestive health! They’re a must-have.

woman eating ACV gummies
These gummies are yummy and packed with superfoods!

Le Creuset Cast-Iron Skillet ($100)

Talk about a gift that will last a lifetime, just like your friendship! Seriously, cast iron pans have been around since the 16th Century… and for a good reason! Le Creuset is known for being a leader in the kitchen tools space, particular for their cast-iron skillets. These spans are durable, versatile, and super easy to clean! We love using our cast iron skillets for brunch on Sundays with the gals. Check out our favorite breakfast skillet recipe here!

Instant Pot ($100)

We cannot praise this gift enough — and your girlfriend will think so, too! This cooker is for the chef’s day off. The Instant Pot is known for being the easiest all-in-one pressure cooker around. Toss in your ingredients, let the cooker come to pressure, and you’ve got a yummy soup or full meal with veggies within under 30 minutes! Here are two of our favorite Instant Pot recipes.

Pina Colada Oats 
Chicken with Tomato Cream Sauce

For your Foodie Girlfriend

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Whole Foods Gift Card (25+)

This sounds totally basic, but often we don’t treat ourselves enough to good, fun grocery shopping trips! I personally enjoy grocery shopping so much more when I go somewhere a bit more luxury (like Whole Foods) as opposed to my typical big-box grocery store runs. Buying the nicer, organic almond butter just…feels good.

Wine Journal ($25)

If your girlfriend appreciates fine wine, get her a wine journal! It’s a great way to track your favorite grapes, food pairings, and vineyards. Journaling with your wine encourages you to relax, take time, and savor the flavor even more. Some wine subscription services even offer a journal with your purchase!

Sun Basket Box (~$75)

We love Sun Basket because they cater to so many dietary needs. They offer are premium, organic, and healthy meals with simple cooking or heat-only directions! Send a kit to your friends house and make it a girl’s night in by whipping up a delicious dinner together. The best part: you can feel good about eating well because Sun Basket gives back to the community. They donate to local food banks and Feeding America. It’s a win – win!

For your Beauty-Queen Girlfriend

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Makeup Brush Cleaner ($20)

Weirdly enough, makeup brushes can get super germy. To have the brightest, most beautiful skin, you gotta clean those brushes! Check out this awesome gadget from Amazon to keep brushes sparkly clean.

Silk Sleep Mask ($50)

You know a beauty queen needs her beauty sleep! Sleeping with a silk mask has anti-aging benefits, anti-bed head, and helps regulate body temperature. Your bestie will surely thank you for this gift for years to come!

Super Amazing Coffee & Creamer are a perfect duo!

Super Amazing Creamer ($50)

If your girl cares about skincare, she NEEDS this creamer! Super Amazing Creamer is the ultimate beauty-boosting companion for coffee, tea, lattes, shakes, and baked goods! Each scoop contains Collagen, MCT Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid to get your skin gorgeous, soft, and glowing.

For your Book-Lover Girlfriend

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Book Light ($15)

Ever been so deep into a book that you couldn’t put it down? If you sleep in bed with a partner or share a room with a roommate, that can get a little tricky at nighttime. That’s why book lights are essential for all girls who love to read! We found this little cutie on Amazon.

Chic Bookends ($25)

If she’s got books and style, you know she needs some cute bookends! We found this set at West Elm, but Amazon has a lot of great options too. Bonus points if the bookends incorporate something else she loves – like this cute bicycle set!

Super Amazing Coffee ($60)

Super Amazing Coffee is the perfect gift for a book-loving girlfriend. It boosts energy and increases focus, so your gal can really absorb what she’s reading! Plus, it has memory-enhancing mushrooms, so she can keep that knowledge for life!

We hope these gift ideas help you & your BFF have the best day ever! Leave us a comment below if you have any awesome gift suggestions!

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