Why It’s Harder to Wake Up in the Winter

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For some reason, getting up in the morning during the cold winter months is extra painful. Here’s exactly why it’s harder to wake up in the winter – and what you can do about it!

There is nothing worse than being abruptly woken up by your alarm clock on a dark winter morning. And then having to get out from the warmth of your bed? Absolutely dreadful. 

If you’ve noticed you have a harder time waking up in the winter, you’re definitely not alone – and there are quite a few reasons to explain exactly why it’s so difficult. 

Here’s Why It’s Harder to Wake Up in the Winter

Let’s talk about the most obvious reason for why waking up in the winter is hard: it’s cold! Leaving a warm and cozy bed on a chilly winter morning is the last thing anyone wants. 

Interestingly, the body’s natural temperature fluctuations make waking up in a cold environment that much harder. In the evening, our body temperature begins to drop to prepare us for sleep. Then, as we sleep, the body’s temperature is about one to two degrees lower than it is during the day. This is definitely great for our slumber. However, having to get out of bed into a cold environment when our body is already a bit chillier is unpleasant, to say the least. 

Another huge factor is the fact that the sun rises later, which means it’s darker when we wake up in the winter. The darker mornings have a major impact on the production of melatonin, the hormone that supports the body’s sleep-wake cycle. In the evening, as the sun goes down, the body begins to produce more melatonin in preparation for sleep. 

While the darkness in the evening is great for preparing us for a peaceful slumber, the lack of light in the morning is a major problem. The morning sun cues the body to slow down melatonin production. However, when the body isn’t exposed to light during winter mornings, it doesn’t know that it can hold off on producing that hormone. This means the amount of time that the body is producing melatonin is longer in the winter, because we have less exposure to sunlight. 

What You Can Do to Make Waking Up in the Winter a Bit Easier

There are a lot of factors that are working against us and our sleep cycle during the winter. However, there are a few things we can do to ease the pain and make it easier to wake up in the winter.

Defend Yourself Against the Cold

Make the transition from your bed to the cold, dark winter world a bit easier for yourself. Here’s an easy step you can take: before going to bed, put a pair of slippers (or cozy socks) by your bed, along with your coziest sweater. That way, you can transition from the warmth of your bed to some cozy and comfy clothes when you wake up. If you want to take it one step further, you can also schedule your heater to get a bit warmer about 20 minutes before your alarm goes off. This way, your environment will be more inviting when you wake up. 

Try a Sunrise Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks have come a long way in the past few years! One of the coolest new alarm clock inventions are sunrise alarm clocks. Simply schedule what time you want to wake up, and then this modern alarm clock will give off light that mimics a gradual sunrise. By doing this, your body is tricked into thinking it is being exposed to the natural morning sun. This really comes in handy during those dark and dreary winter mornings! Many devices also have a gradual sunset feature to use at night to help you get to sleep. 

Get a Boost of Energy with Superfoods

Sometimes, you just need a really good cup of coffee to help you get out of the morning funk. While regular old coffee can do the trick, a superfood-packed coffee will give you that extra health boost to make you feel your best all day long. 

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Ready to beat those winter morning blues for good? Make it easier to wake up in the winter with a cup of Super Amazing Coffee.

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