A Nutritionist’s Take on Superfood Tabs

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Veteran nutritionist Teresa Rodriguez gave us her honest review of our Superfood Tabs. Take a look at what she had to say!

A Nutritionist’s Review of Superfood Tabs!

To get a health professional’s input on our Superfood Tabs, we talked to 28-year nutritionist veteran Teresa Rodriguez, RDN, IFNCP, CNSC, LDN, CLT (that’s right – she knows her stuff!). She uses Superfood Tabs in her own health routine, and also recommends them to her patients. 

“As a healthcare professional it was an ‘aha’ moment when I tried Superfood Tabs,” says Teresa. “It changed my life. Furthermore, my patients’ lives. I recommend Superfood Tabs for customers who are looking to improve their nutrition and health.”

Teresa loves Superfood Tabs because of their impressive ability to help her and her patients’ ability to reach ketosis. “Based on my clinical experience, Superfood Tabs can help you to achieve nutritional ketosis faster than any other product on the market,” she says.

Don’t know about nutritional ketosis? Here’s the lowdown: ketosis is a state where the body gets its energy by burning ketones (which are produced by fat) rather than glucose (which is produced by carbs). 

You might have heard of the keto diet, where you get a high amount of your calories from fat, some calories from protein, and then a small amount from carbs. This diet pushes your body into the ketosis stage, where you’re burning energy from fats.

This state of nutritional ketosis can help with weight loss, boosting metabolism, curbing cravings, and numerous other health benefits. Teresa has found that one dose of Superfood Tabs boosts her ketones to a therapeutic level in under two and a half hours – and maintains that level for more than 11 hours! “I can’t even see this with a dose of any other product on the market,” she says.

Teresa notes that, by using Superfood Tabs in combination with a low carb or ketogenic diet, you can reap the benefits of nutritional ketosis. She says that these benefits can include weight and appetite control, as well as reduced inflammation and increased energy. “Boost your endogenous ketones today!”

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