Real Superfood Tabs Review: Laura

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We’d like to introduce you to Laura! Laura is an investigator and an Air Force veteran who added Superfood Tabs to her wellness routine a few months ago – and has been loving the results! Here is her honest Superfood Tabs review. 

What brought you to try Superfood Tabs?

I tried Superfood Tabs to lose fat and to get energy (instead of through coffee).

The impressive results Laura has seen with Superfood Tabs!

How do Superfood Tabs benefit your life?

I started Superfood Tabs a few months ago and I lost 6 pounds of fat. I am off coffee and am able to keep up with less processed fried foods and sweets.

What is your Superfood Tabs routine?

I drink Superfood Tabs for lunch and in the afternoon to keep me going while working my office job.

We love Laura’s idea to add frozen fruit to your Superfood Tabs drink!

What tips do you have for your fellow superfood lovers?

Keep up with your Superfood Tabs and you will notice your sugar cravings decreasing in about 2 weeks.  

What’s your favorite way to enjoy your Superfood Tabs?

Another way to flavor your drink is with frozen fruit. It keeps it cold and you get a little fruit sweetness.

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