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Meet Superfoods Superstar, Jennifer! Jennifer is a veteran from Michigan with an incredible story about turning her health around with Superfood Tabs! Read her real Superfood Tabs review here. 

What brought you to try Superfood Tabs?

“My journey started when I got out of the US Army. Due to severe PTSD, I ended up on medication that caused severe weight gain. My weight got SO out of hand that I was pre-diabetic and pushing almost 300 pounds. My breaking point was when I could no longer tuck my son into bed cause I was too large to fit up his bunk bed steps. 

I started off slowly with just diet change and light exercise and the weight came off slowly. The reason I started using Superfood Tabs was because I am part of a company that puts on a Halloween event in Detroit, Michigan called Theatre Bizarre. When that time comes around, I am around TONS of candy! To combat the urge for the sweet treats, I would just sip on my Superfood and it got rid of the sugar need. My superfood drinks also helped me during the super long hours and kept me hydrated and awake. 

Jennifer turned to Superfood Tabs to adopt healthier eating habits – and they helped her lose weight!

I never used superfoods for the sole purpose of weight loss, I used it to put healthy foods in my body and help me drink water instead of iced coffee and sugary drinks. I do feel that the simple change of healthy superfoods in my diet instead of the junk foods and drinks have helped me lose, and am so happy and proud to say that I have lost over 110 pounds as of today 🙂 But, that being said…….the part I love the MOST of Superfoods, is the friends I have made from being part of Superfoods family.” 

How do Superfood Tabs benefit your life?

“With the help of Superfoods, I have lost over 110 pounds! I love how drinking these tabs takes away my sugar cravings and helps me put healthy foods in my body, and helps me drink water instead of iced coffee and sugary drinks.”

What is your Superfood Tabs routine?

“I take 2-3 tabs a day, depending on if I need an afternoon pick me up. I usually have my first drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I have my second tab with my lunch and, if needed, another tab around 3pm if I am super tired and drained of energy. I have changed my diet by trading sugary drinks and high sugar iced coffees for my Superfoods!” 

Jennifer stays on track with her health goals by taking Superfood Tabs daily!

What tips do you have for your fellow superfood lovers?

“We cannot go back and start over, but we can begin now, and make a new ending…… Believe in yourself and never give up! It took me over a year to lose my weight, and trust me when I say I had some really bad days along the way. There is no magic pill, just hard work and making good choices along the way. Superfood Tabs work differently for everyone, but the one thing that is the same across the board, is that choosing Superfood Tabs over unhealthy, sugar filled drinks is 100% better for your body every time! And it helps get your daily water requirement for the day in 🙂 ”

What’s your favorite way to enjoy your Superfood Tabs?

“Dissolve a Superfoods Tab in Vodka. Add in tonic water and ice! Vodka Tonic with Superfoods! Healthy and delicious!”

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