Real Superfood Tabs Review: Bobbie

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Meet Superfoods Superstar, Bobbie! Bobbie is from Minnesota, and uses Superfood Tabs daily to help her get through her workdays and feel her best! Here is her real Superfood Tabs review.

What brought you to try Superfood Tabs?

“I have been overweight and lacking energy. I worked with a girl who always talked about drinking Superfood Tabs. She explained how it helped with her bloating and gave her natural caffeine for energy! I tried one of hers and LOVED the taste, so I decided to order my own. There has been no turning back since that point!”

Bobbie lost over 50lbs using Superfood Tabs!

How do Superfood Tabs benefit your life?

“When I first started my tabs, I immediately noticed how it helped with me not feel hungry all day! I found that they helped with my bloating too! After drinking them a little while, I noticed I was really losing weight! I started drinking one for breakfast and one for lunch that kept me satisfied till dinner! Since starting this journey, I am down a total of over 50 lbs my tabs are part of my daily life! There are so many benefits of using them, but I love to use them as a meal replacement in the morning or afternoon. They have helped so much with my weight loss journey! Plus, Superfood Tabs help me stay focused and brings me clarity & energy.. I just can’t go a day without! 😁

What is your Superfood Tabs routine?

“I use it as my meal replacement daily for lunch, then eat a small meal for dinner. I do 2 tabs daily.”

What tips do you have for your fellow superfood lovers?

“To stay focused. It doesn’t happen right away, but stick with it. You will find it curbs your appetite and helps with bloating. And the natural caffeine is amazing.”

Bobbie’s patience and focus has paid off! Here is one of her daily Superfood Tab drinks that help her get through the work day.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy your Superfood Tabs?

“With a tab of Elderberry Airborne.”

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