Honest Superfood Tabs Review: Alexis

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Meet Superfoods Superstar, Alexis! She’s based in Florida, and is the CEO of Nationwide Medical Licensing. Alexis turned to Superfood Tabs to lose weight for her wedding, and has continued using them in her healthy lifestyle routine ever since! Read her real Superfood Tabs review below. 

What brought you to try Superfood Tabs?

I first started using the product to lose weight for my wedding. I was up 30 pounds higher than I wanted to be from life stress, and was motivated to fit into my wedding dress! 

Alexis used Superfood Tabs to meet her health goals and lose weight for her wedding!

How do Superfood Tabs benefit your life?

When I first started taking Skinnytabs [now Superfood Tabs!], I stuck to them like any other routine of mine and I ended up losing 10 pounds. My wedding dress fit amazingly! I love the taste – the berry is just enough for me. It also stopped me from taking after work exhaustion naps. I now don’t even feel tired after work.

What is your Superfood Tabs routine?

I take three tabs a day – one right when I wake up, one at lunch, and one with dinner. I’ve found that this helps me to better digest my food and cut down on those late-night cravings. Since using the tabs I have almost completely removed coffee from my diet. 

Alexis has found the perfect way to work Superfood Tabs into her daily routine.

What tips do you have for your fellow superfood lovers?

Do not think that you can take them and continue eating unhealthily. They worked amazing for me without exercise, but I cut so much out of my diet to help them work. Keep with it, don’t give up, and be happy with your results at the end. 

What’s your favorite way to enjoy your Superfood Tabs?

Just plain water. I also really enjoyed the cocktail versions as well. 

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