Honest Super Amazing Creamer Review: Leah

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Meet Leah! Leah is a blogger and freelance writer based in Liberty Hill, TX. She’s been on the hunt for a delicious and healthy non-dairy creamer, and started drinking Super Amazing Creamer this summer! Here is her honest Super Amazing Creamer review. 

Let’s get started! When did you first try Super Amazing Creamer?

July 2020

What do you love most about Super Amazing Creamer?

I have been looking for a non-dairy creamer that tastes good for a long time. I don’t like sweet coffee, so the fact that this doesn’t have added sugars is huge. It’s hard to find a creamer that tastes good, makes the coffee creamy, and lightens the coffee without a bunch of junk or gums. This definitely checks all of the boxes and pairs great with either the Super Amazing Coffee or regular drip coffee. 

Leah has seen incredible results with Super Amazing Creamer!

How does Super Amazing Creamer benefit your life?

I immediately noticed that it tastes good and lightens my coffee in just the right way without being sweet. I also felt more alert and not hungry after breakfast. 

After using the Creamer for several months I’ve noticed my hair and nails growing fast and strong, and I still love the taste and the benefits of reduced hunger and cravings. 

How do you like to drink it?

My favorite way to have Super Amazing Creamer is paired with the Super Amazing Coffee–they go great together and it’s such a super-nutrient boost! It’s also great added to regular coffee as a yummy, creamy, non-dairy alternative to other coffee creamers. 

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