Honest Super Amazing Coffee Review: Kristy

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Let us introduce you to Superfoods Superstar who has shared her Honest Super Amazing Coffee Review: Kristy! Kristy is a stay-at-home mom based in Sacramento, CA. She added Super Amazing Coffee to her routine to help her lose weight – while still enjoying a delicious cup of coffee! Read her honest review below. 

Why did you originally start drinking Super Amazing Coffee? Did it replace any other coffees you were drinking in the past?

“I started this because I have cerebral palsy and sciatica so it makes it impossible for me to work out like most people! It was getting harder for me to move around, so I had to do something about my weight! I wanted to lose weight but still have a great cup of coffee.” 

It’s hard to give up a good cup of coffee. Thankfully Kristy doesn’t have to with our Super Amazing Coffee!

What benefits have you noticed from drinking Super Amazing Coffee?

“Feeling less bloated, less hungry, and I have more energy. Superfoods are the best!” 

Kristy is feeling her best with Super Amazing Coffee!

How do you incorporate Super Amazing Coffee into your routine?

“I have a cup of coffee to start my day. Love my new routine!” 

What’s your favorite way to drink Super Amazing Coffee?

Kristy let us know that her absolute favorite way to enjoy her daily cup of Super Amazing Coffee is “Making with my favorite vanilla creamer.” You can shop our Super Amazing Creamer; packed with Hyaluronic Acid, MCT Oil, and Collagen, here.

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