Honest Super Amazing Coffee Review: Leah

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We’d like to introduce the Superfoods Company community to Leah! Leah is a blogger and freelance writer based in Liberty Hill, TX. She’s been drinking Super Amazing Coffee since the summer, and has been enjoying all of the incredible benefits – and the delicious flavor! Read her honest review below. 

Why did you originally start drinking Super Amazing Coffee? Did it replace any other coffees you were drinking in the past?

I’m always looking for ways to pack more nutrition into my diet, and this seemed like a great, easy way to do that. I love drinking coffee in the morning (and sometimes in the afternoon), so why not drink one with superfoods that has all kinds of great benefits? 

What benefits have you noticed from drinking Super Amazing Coffee?

I immediately noticed the great flavor and increased energy levels, without an afternoon slump! I also have fewer food cravings and stay full longer. 

Leah has experienced both mental and physical benefits with Super Amazing Coffee!

How has Super Amazing Coffee impacted your life?

After using Super Amazing Coffee for a few months I’ve noticed steady energy and sharp mental focus, and I am less hungry in the mornings as well. I also have fewer food cravings, because it’s a bit chocolatey, almost like a dessert!

How do you incorporate Super Amazing Coffee into your routine?

I drink Super Amazing Coffee every morning after I wake up and before breakfast. Sometimes I drink a little more in the afternoon after lunch as a treat. 

Leah loves making her bullet-proof coffee with Super Amazing Coffee!

What’s your favorite way to drink Super Amazing Coffee?

I love to make a “bullet-proof coffee” recipe where I add coconut oil and sometimes a vanilla protein powder to my coffee and blend it up! Super yummy, filling, creamy and delicious! 

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