Pisces Natives and Powerful Tips to Optimize Health

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From February 19th to March 20th, we enter the sign of Pisces! While astrology is most commonly used today to identify personality traits and styles of expression, astrology can also help us to understand our own personal health! Let’s take a look at what the stars have to say about intuitive Pisces natives and the best ways to nourish a healthy, Pisces glow.

Before we explore the astrological aspects of Pisces health, let’s take a moment to celebrate some of the defining Pisces traits. Pisces are natural dreamers! Their wild imaginations draw them to artistic vocations where they can revel in solitude and self-expression. Due to their inherent artistic nature, Pisces often seem alluring and mystical to those around them. Pisces is represented by the symbol of fish as a nod to the inherent adaptability and otherworldliness of natives under this sign. With a deep understanding of the human psyche, Pisces are excellent at using their intuition to understand those around them. This makes them one of the most compassionate signs. As an added bonus, their compassion makes them loyal, supportive companions and friends.

Key Pisces Elements

Dates: February 19th – March 20th
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Neptune
Colors: Lavender, Dusty Rose, Sky Blue, Indigo
Stone: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, and Tiger Eye
Chakra: Sacral Chakra (2nd Chakra)
Power Flower: Water Lilies and Jasmine
Body Part: The Feet and Toes
Cell Salt: Ferrum Phosphate
Superfoods Company Product: Super Amazing Coffee

Health Tips for Pisces Natives

Take a peek at those feet! Pisces natives are known for their shapely and beautiful tootsies. With their affinity for dance and music, it’s no wonder this sign is represented in the body by the feet. That being said, Pisces should be particularly careful with those twinkle toes. If they are not careful, their dreamy nature lets their minds float into the clouds, and serious stub on the toe will bring them right back down to earth. The planetary ruler of Pisces, Neptune, also represents the thalamus gland. Our thalamus gland is integral for communicating stimuli throughout the body, and for Pisces, this gland lends a little extra oomph to their stellar sense of creativity.

Pisces tend to be slow-moving creatures. They thrive with lots of sleep and solitary downtime! Being naturally low-energy, Pisces can have a tendency to overindulgence. They love the fine things in life, especially a delicious meal. For Pisces, it’s very important to boost their natural vitality with creative forms of physical movement. Dance, swimming and yoga, are wonderful activities for the Pisces soul. Not to mention, these activities will help them feel more vital and energized on a daily basis! Because Pisces natives are prone to overindulgence and escapism by nature, they should be particularly mindful of their consumption of alcohol, as this can dampen their overall vitality with overuse.

The Pisces Cell Salt

Ferrum Phosphate is the Pisces cell salt! Cell salts are minerals that are essential to the healthy functioning of our bodily cells. Ferrum Phosphate is just a technical term for iron. Iron naturally helps with the transport of oxygen through our system. As this is such, it helps keep up energy levels and reduces inflammation throughout the body. Healthy levels of iron can even help the body heal faster when injured. For Pisces, who are susceptible to bloating and lethargy, iron is a key nutrient! Pisces can find high levels of iron in foods like dates, spinach, beets, oysters, and citrus!

Superfoods Company Pisces Product

For our faithful fishies, we recommend Super Amazing Coffee! We think this is the perfect addition to the Pisces daily ritual as it helps to prevent overindulgence and boost natural vitality. This product can help Pisces stay grounded and focused while working, and boosts creativity during times of leisure. Super Amazing Coffee has the added benefit of boosting mood, so it can be a great comfort to our compassionate Pisces when they are feeling sensitive or overwhelmed. Let’s explore some of the super ingredients in this coffee and why it’s perfect for our Pisces friends.


This superfood ingredient adds delicious chocolatey notes to each cup of coffee. The silky cocoa flavors are the perfect ingredient to soothe Pisces cravings for indulgence. Cocoa is known for its natural ability to boost energy and mood. Not to mention, it’s packed with iron to give Pisces a healthy dose of their cell salt, Ferrum phosphate!


These funky little mushrooms help us maintain focused energy and balancing moods. They reduce inflammation in the body and help clear that early morning brain fog. They are the perfect ingredient to help keep dreamy Pisces grounded and productive during busy workdays!

Green Tea:

Loaded with antioxidants, green tea supports a healthy digestive system. While green tea helps Pisces fight pesky indulgent cravings, it also battles lethargy and will help keep them active. Green tea also helps to boost a positive mindset, keeping compassionate Pisces bubbly and bright.

I hope these insights from the stars help you to be your healthiest version of you! Don’t be afraid to dream big during this season, Pisces! Super Amazing Coffee is the perfect treat to help you stay grounded in your health goals. We can’t wait to see the magic you bring to life this year!