More Than a Beauty Boost: How Superfoods Help Us Feel Amazing

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How Superfoods Help Us Feel Amazing
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There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the benefits of superfoods! Here are some of the ways superfoods support our health and help us feel amazing. 

The Amazing Benefits of Superfoods: How They Help You Feel Your Best

A lot of us turn to superfoods to support our outer beauty, but we can’t forget about how they benefit us on the inside to promote overall well being! Here are some of the ways superfoods benefit us to help us feel our absolute best. 

Diminish Painful Bloating

Many people have dealt with bloating, and some even deal with it on a daily basis. Superfoods can help reduce that uncomfortable bloat so that you can find some relief. 

Our Superfood Tabs contain ingredients that naturally reduce bloating while promoting a healthy digestion! One key ingredient is ginger, which has been found to reduce bloating and relieve digestive discomfort. Lemon balm also supports digestion and cuts down on bloat, while dandelion helps get rid of excess water that contributes to bloating. 

Another one of our favorite superfood products that help diminish bloating are our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. These delicious (and vegan!) gummies support gut health and promote healthy digestion, which can help decrease uncomfortable bloat. 

Reduce Joint Pain

One of the benefits of superfoods that you might not know about is that they can help reduce joint pain! Our Super Amazing Creamer is our go-to product for helping improve overall joint health. 

The star ingredient in this creamer is collagen. Collagen is a protein that is naturally produced in the body, and it helps support strong and healthy joints. As we age, that production can slow down, which can lead to weaker joints. By adding collagen back into our diet, we can help strengthen our joints and minimize pain!

In addition to the collagen, you’ll also find hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is anti-inflammatory, which means it can further reduce pain in the joints!

Minimize Hot Flashes

If you deal with hot flashes, superfoods may help keep them in check! Super Amazing Coffee contains a variety of superfoods that can reduce the likelihood of hot flashes. 

For example, a study has shown that some women may be able to alleviate hot flashes and other common symptoms of menopause with maca root. Ginseng and turmeric – two other superfoods found in Super Amazing Coffee – may also help minimize hot flashes. 

Get Relief from IBS-Related Discomfort

IBS can lead to incredibly uncomfortable symptoms, but thankfully, superfoods can provide some relief. 

Super Amazing Coffee – which is packed with 12 powerful superfoods – can help you fight IBS-related discomfort. That impressive list of superfoods includes turmeric and ginger, which have both been shown to reduce IBS symptoms. 

Superfood Tabs can also be a helpful IBS-fighting sidekick! In addition to ginger, they contain aloe vera and lemon balm,  which have both shown promising results in reducing discomfort related to IBS. 

Promote a Good Night’s Sleep

Finally, one of the best benefits of superfoods is that they can promote good sleep, which is crucial for feeling great and performing at our absolute best! 

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the body that supports the body’s circadian rhythm and sleep. In order to help support your body’s rest cycle, you can take melatonin supplements to ensure you’re getting the best sleep possible!

If you want to add melatonin to your superfood routine, be sure to try our new Super Sleep Melatonin Gummies! Simply take one of these vegan, berry-flavored gummies within an hour before bed to get an incredible night’s rest!

If you want to experience the full benefits of superfoods, try our Superfood Tabs, Super Amazing Coffee, Super Amazing Creamer, and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies!

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