How to tell if you’re stressed & 12 easy tips to help you relax

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We could all use a few tips and tricks to help us manage stress! Let’s go over a few of our favorite quick stress relief techniques that you can practice anywhere! 

April is National Stress Awareness Month, so we wanted to talk about managing stress. We all deal with stress from time to time, but not all of us have the tools to properly keep our stress levels in check. 

Below, we’ll go over some of the best quick stress relief techniques that you can practice anywhere. Whether you need some tricks and tools to use at home, at work, or on-the-go, you’ll find at least a few that will work for you!

Taking Note of Your Stress Cues

Before we dive into the quick stress relief techniques, let’s talk about the signs you should look out for to know that you’re stressed. That might seem a bit silly – we all know when we’re stressed, right? Sure, but each of us have certain physical and mental reactions to stress, and they may creep up before we even fully realize that we’re stressing out. 

For example, your shoulders may creep up, your breathing may become more shallow, or you may have a harder time paying attention to the task at hand. You might even notice a mood shift. Some people become agitated, while others become quiet and withdrawn. 

Try to think back to recent times when you’ve dealt with stress, and take note of any of the obvious cues. Being aware of these signs and noticing them as they start to arise can help you better manage your stress levels. Once you recognize a sign of stress popping up, you can employ a few quick stress relief techniques to get yourself calmed down and balanced before your stress levels get too high. 

The Best Easy Stress Relief Techniques

Quick Stress Relief Techniques to Use at Home and at Work

Take a Quick Walk

If you’re able to leave your home or place of work, consider going on a short walk around the block. This will get that stressed energy out of your body and calm your mind. Can’t leave? Do a few sets of pushups, or take a quick break for a stretch session. Any sort of movement – no matter how small – can make a huge difference in your stress levels. 

Open the Blinds to Let in Natural Light

There’s no better natural mood-booster than the sun! For some immediate destressing benefits, open up the blinds in your home or work space and let in that natural light. 

Try Calming Superfoods to Combat Stress

What we put in our body can make a major difference in our stress levels. If you’re looking to fight stress from within, try adding Super Amazing Coffee to your daily wellness routine! This coffee is packed with a blend of potent plant-based superfoods, including adaptogens that work to calm nerves and clear your mind. Powerful adaptogens you’ll find in this coffee include maca root, ginseng, chaga, cordyceps, and turmeric!

Employ the Power of Scents 

Mindfully engaging one of our senses can make a huge impact on our stress levels. Try using a candle or a diffuser in your space to help you deal with stress. Alternatively, keep a bottle of an essential oil in your desk, and smell it whenever you need to de-stress. This is a great option if you have co-workers nearby who are sensitive to fragrances. Lavender is a commonly used scent for destressing. However, feel free to go with whatever scent lifts your spirits and calms your mind!

Fill Your Space with Meaningful Mementos

Photos and mementos tied to meaningful memories can be incredibly helpful when it comes to dealing with stress. With one look, you’ll get out of your head and be transported to a less stressful time. 

Take a Meditation Break

Sometimes, the best way to quickly destress is to take just a few minutes to turn inward. You don’t have to be a meditation master – even just taking three minutes to close your eyes and meditate can do wonders. If you need a bit of help, try using a meditation app for some guidance!


If you get stressed out by mess, spend five or ten minutes doing a mini declutter session. You don’t need to give your desk or living space the full Marie Kondo treatment at this very moment. Doing just a small amount of cleaning up can really help your mental wellbeing.  

Quick Stress Relief Techniques for When You’re Out and About

Use an essential oil rollerball

Obviously, you can’t bring a stress relief candle with you when you’re running errands or out with friends. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the power of scent to destress when you’re away from home! An essential oil rollerball is an excellent portable product to have on hand when you’re in need of some quick stress relief. There are plenty of calming blends you can buy, as well as simple formulas featuring a single essential oil. 

Try a calming breathing pattern

There are many calming breathing patterns that you can try, but one super effective and easy one is box breath. With this breathing pattern, you’ll breathe in for four breaths, and then hold for four breaths. Next, breathe out for four breaths, and then hold for another four breaths. Repeat the pattern a few times to calm your stress levels. This is something you can really do anywhere, but we especially love it when we’re out, because it’s super discreet. No one will notice you’re doing anything!

In Traffic? Play Uplifting Music, a Podcast, or an Audiobook

No one loves traffic, but sitting there stewing in your frustration will ultimately do more harm than good. In order to take your mind off of the stress of traffic, make the best of your time on the road by listening to some music that makes you smile, or a captivating podcast or audiobook. 

Keep a Stress Ball on Hand

Sometimes, you just need to physically get that stress out of your body. In these situations, a stress ball will help! It’s a super cheap and portable tool to throw in your bag or car for a bit of relief when out and about. 

Take Note of the Sights and Sounds Surrounding You

This is a particularly great quick stress relief technique to use when you’re taking public transportation or waiting in a long line. While many of us may automatically turn to our phones in these situations, consider looking outward instead. As you wait, carefully take note of the different things that you see, as well as what you hear. It’s much more grounding than just staring at your phone, and can calmly bring you to the present moment. 

Want to use superfoods to keep your stress levels in check? Try our Super Amazing Coffee!

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