Health Tips for the Sagittarius Native

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From November 22nd to December 23rd, our sun is in the sign of social Sagittarius! While we commonly know astrology to identify trends in personal tendencies and as a lens for the potential future, it can also be indicative of our personal health! Let’s take a look at what the stars have to say about these supercharging health tips for the Sagittarius native!

For starters, Sagittarius has some wonderful defining characteristics. Few others can match the Sagittarius zest for life. Always drawn toward new sources of adventure, Sagittarius natives have a knack for making life exciting. Not to mention, they have a desirably bubbly disposition and tend to have good luck wherever they go. Additionally, some of the most like-able Sagittarian traits are their adaptability, honesty, and optimism. They also have an inherent drive toward understanding, making them great listeners and problem solvers. The Sagittarian sense of humor is sure to be the source of laughs at any social event, and they can entertain for hours with their inherent ability to tell great stories!

Key Elements of Sagittarius

Dates: November 22nd – December 21st
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Colors: Royal, Purple, Saffron, Canary Yellow, Burnt Orange
Stone: Turquoise, Labradorite, Blue Agate, Smokey Quartz
Chakra: Sacral (2nd Chakra)
Power Flower: Carnation, Narcissus, and Dandelion
Body Part: Hips, Liver, and Thighs
Cell Salt: Silica
Superfoods Company Product: Super Amazing Creamer

Health Tips for the Sagittarius Native

Sagittarians have a fiery nature, so, they benefit from lots of physical activity. The body parts implicated by the sign of Sagittarius are the hips, liver, and thighs. We all have a tendency to store emotional energy in the hip and legs, and exercise can help to release this energy. This is one of the reasons why taking a walk can feel so therapeutic. With such high levels of energy, regular exercise promotes emotional and mental well-being for Sagittarians especially.

Aside from needing to nurture their hips and legs, Sagitarrians should be particularly mindful of their livers. The liver is one of our most important organs, and for the Sagittarius, the liver is particularly sensitive. It is important for Sagittarians to be mindful of their diets by being sure to consume adequate protein. The proper amounts of protein are essential to support their active lifestyles and to keep the liver healthy. Additionally, lots of antioxidant-rich greens and veggies are essential to support the liver. Being mindful of alcohol consumption is particularly important for Sagittarians due to the high sensitivity of the liver.

Cells Salt for Sagittarius

With a delicate liver; skin, hair, and nails can become brittle or dry rather easily. This brings us to Silica, the cell salt (a mineral compound that is essential for optimum cell functioning) for Sagittarians! Silica helps the liver perform optimally by assisting with the removal of toxins from the body. Not to mention, this cell salt also helps maintain moisture in the skin hair, and nails. Silica also supports healthy connective tissue, which will help support healthy joints in our active Sagittarian friends.

Super Amazing Creamer for Sagittarius

The Superfoods Company product we would recommend to support Sagittarians is our Super Amazing Creamer. Our creamer brings a perfect balance of brainfood, energy, and beauty to the mix. Check out the list below to see how its ingredients can help our Sagittarian friends soar!

MCT Oil:

MCT oil is ideal for people with an active lifestyle! Additionally, MCT oil can serve as an instant sour of energy for both the brain and the body. As a healthy source of fat and calories, MCT oil also helps to prevent unneeded food cravings and supports a healthy diet. With this added healthy source of calories in your daily diet, MCT oil can even help boost metabolism. Plus, it helps give you the energy you need to exercise on the daily!


Collagen seems to be the word of everyone’s lips these days and it’s for a great reason! A healthy dose of collagen supports liver function and detox, which is just what the stars ordered for Sagittarius! In addition to this, collagen is one of the ultimate beauty foods, supplying our bodies with the protein it needs to build healthy hair, skin, and nails. If that doesn’t have you sold, collagen also supports a healthy digestive system too!

Coconut Milk Powder:

Coconut milk serves as the base for this creamer and is a healthy alternative to adding dairy-based creamers to your morning cup of joe. Additionally, coconut milk powder is a good source of iron, assists with heart health, and aids weight loss. It’s the perfect ingredient to supplement your journey to the best version of you!

Celebrate Your Sagittarius Soul!

Don’t forget to nurture your adventurous spirit with lots of activity, healthy foods, and maybe some Super Amazing Creamer!  So use some of these tips health tips for the Sagittarius to your advantage, and spice of your Sagittarius Self with some of these health tips from the stars!