Hair Loss: It’s Not Just For Men

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Hair loss doesn’t just affect men. In fact, it’s an issue that a lot more women deal with than you may think! Let’s go over a few natural ways to strengthen hair and combat loss. 

If you’re a woman dealing with hair shedding, you are definitely not alone. It’s believed that over 50% of women deal with noticeable loss at some point in their lives! Thankfully, most forms of female hair shedding can be treated and reversed. Even better, there are some easy and natural steps you can take to support your hair and promote growth!

Female Hair Loss: What You Need to Know

Before we talk about the best natural ways to combat hair thinning, let’s do a crash course on women’s hair loss. First, let’s talk about the normal hair growth cycle. 

There are three stages of hair growth and loss: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Anagen (also known as growth) refers to the cycle where the hair follicles produce hair fibers. Next is catagen, the phase where a follicle shrinks, ending active growth. 

The last stage is telogen, a resting phase. At the end of this cycle, the hair falls out. Typically, about 10% to 15% of all hair on the body will be in this stage at any time. It’s completely normal to shed around 50 to 100 strands of hair every day! After telogen, that follicle returns to the anagen phase. 

The Types of Hair Loss

There are quite a few types of loss that women can experience, but let’s talk about two of the most common: telogen effluvium and female pattern hair loss. 

With telogen effluvium, a certain trigger “shocks” the system and increases the number of hair follicles that are in the telogen phase. This causes excess shedding. 

There are a variety of different triggers that can be responsible for telogen effluvium. This includes stress, certain prescription drugs, a serious medical event, weight loss, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, and going through childbirth. Telogen effluvium is typically short lived – hair growth will usually return to the normal cycle within six months. It’s also the most common form of shedding that younger women deal with.

With female pattern hair loss (also known as androgenetic alopecia), the hair will start to thin around the part line. This can be caused by genetics, hormonal shifts (such as in menopause), certain medications, medical conditions, and aging. Most frequently, androgenetic alopecia affects women between the ages 40 to 60, but women of all ages may deal with this form of thinning. This type of loss typically requires some sort of medical treatment. 

5 Easy and Natural Ways to Combat Hair Loss 

If you’re dealing with thinning hair, one of the most important things to do is figure out what is responsible for this shedding. Once you know exactly what is causing your hair problems, you can target the root issue to stop further loss and begin to regrow your hair. This may mean meeting with a medical professional who can help you get to the root cause. 

However, there are also some super easy and natural steps that anyone can implement into their routine to help strengthen the hair and scalp and promote growth. Here are a few of the best ways to naturally support your hair to keep it full, strong, and healthy. 

Treat Hair from the Inside-Out with Collagen

You’ve probably heard of people adding collagen powder (like our very own Super Amazing Creamer!) to their coffee, smoothies, baked goods, and other foods in order to support skin health and fight signs of aging. But did you know that it’s also great for your hair?

Collagen – which is already naturally present in the body – is a protein that makes up the ligaments, tendons, and skin. Our hair is made up of another protein called keratin. The body builds keratin using amino acids, which can be found in collagen. When you add collagen to your diet, it is broken down into these acids to build proteins, including keratin. This means it can play a big role in supporting stronger and fuller hair!

If you want to try using collagen for hair health, check out our Super Amazing Creamer! This sugar-free vanilla creamer has 5 grams of collagen per scoop, as well as hyaluronic acid and MCT oil. It improves elasticity, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, strengthens the hair, and helps beat brain fog!

Take a Break from Excessive Styling

If you’re dealing with excessive hair shedding, you’re going to want to do everything you can to be as gentle with your hair as possible. Heat tools, tight hairstyles (like ponytails, buns, and braids), and hair dyes can all contribute to breakage and hair thinning. While you’re working towards strengthening your hair, try to take a less-is-more approach to your hair styling. 

Try Caffeine-Based Topical Hair Products

Surprisingly enough, our hair can benefit from a little caffeine boost! Topical products containing caffeine have been shown to promote hair growth and stronger hair by supporting the hair follicles. There are plenty of natural over-the-counter hair products containing caffeine that can help, including serums, shampoos, and conditioners. 

Do Regular Scalp Massages

Nothing feels better than a scalp massage…and as it turns out, it can help with hair growth! Research has shown that daily scalp massages may help strengthen and thicken the hair, helping to combat loss and promote a fuller head of hair. Added bonus: it’s completely free!

Try Targeted Vitamins & Minerals

There are specific vitamins and minerals that are crucial for maintaining full, strong hair. A diet that doesn’t get enough fatty acids, iron, zinc, biotic, folic acid, or vitamins A, D, and E can negatively impact the hair. If you think your diet may be part of the problem, meet with your doctor and do a blood test to see which vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in. From there, you can start taking supplements or consuming nutrient-rich foods that can help with your hair health.

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