The Essential Healing Crystals You Need to get Through 2020

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Sure, crystals are beautiful, but did you know that they can actually be therapeutic too? It might sound far out – but are great tools for mediation and keeping your space feeling harmonious. And let’s face it, so far 2020 has been a hot mess (to put it politely). So, if you aren’t into healing crystals yet, why not give it a shot now? Here are our top Essential Healing Crystals for 2020.

Crystal Healing – The Why

Every crystal has a unique vibration (just like you or I as people)! Sometimes, we can align our own frequency with that of crystal in question, helping to adjust our own energy. You can work with crystals to find relief, motivation or even align with your own intuition. Crystals also serve as affirmation tools. They can act as a physical representation of a certain attribute we would like to manifest in our own lives. The act of choosing your crystal, holding it, and sitting down to meditate with a clear intention is super powerful!

Woman holding healing crystals

Crystal Healing – The How

The beautiful thing about crystal healing is that there is no “right way” to do it! You can read about different methods and follow a guide, or you can make it up as you go. It can totally feel weird if you have never tried it, but here are a few different options to get started.

First, try getting properly acquainted with your stone. Sit down with your stone in your hand. Focus on how the stone feels and how you feel holding it. Once you feel comfortable, begin the healing work by envisioning how you want to be, think or feel. You can also try focusing your energy inward to gain clarity.

Another less involved way to practice crystal healing is to keep your crystals in a special place in your environment. Looking at or holding the stone can serve as a reminder for the things in your life you would like to focus on. For example, I always keep a pyrite stone in my wallet as a symbol of abundance. Play with different ways of integrating your crystals into daily life and find the best ritual that works for you!

Woman holding Rose Quartz

Top 5 Healing Crystals for 2020

  1. Amethyst: I like to refer to amethyst as the Lavender of crystals. It’s beautiful purple hues soothe your soul with a simple glance. Working with amethyst is said to bring clarity and peace. Having trouble sleeping? Pop a piece of amethyst on your bedside table and let soothing lavender vibes lull you into sweet dreams.
  2. Quartz: Quartz is one of my personal favorites! I love this stone because it works as an amplifier of our own intent. Looking for clarity or have a task to complete? Mull things over with a little meditation sesh and your quartz to get a game plan in action and feel inspired!
  3. Hematite: Are sensitive to the energies of people around you? Grab a piece of hematite to keep with your in your pocket or purse. Hematite is known for its protective energy. It helps absorb any “bad vibes” nearby so that you don’t have to. Plus, it has a wonderful grounding effect that will help you accomplish anything you need to get done!
  4. Rose Quartz: Harness your compassion with this little love stone! Rose quartz is all about connecting with your love energy. Whether you are working on self-love or giving it as a gift to someone you love, this stone helps to clear always negative feelings and fills your cup with love instead!
  5. Tiger Eye: Need a little ego boost? Tiger eye will have you rocking your personal power in a heartbeat. Not only is it beautiful with its golden and bronze sheen, but this stone is great for working with your solar plexus (the chakra where we hold our sense of self-worth). This crystal is known for supporting bravery and courage with its grounding effects!
Woman holding tourmaline & displaying crystal collection

So, amidst the chaos that has become 2020 – treat yourself to some extra self-care with some healing crystals! I hope this article helps guide you to a stone that’s right for you. Whether you need some extra magic in your home space, or just need a good meditation buddy, these crystals have got you covered!

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