3 Simple Thanksgiving Wellness Tips

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Blog 3 Simple Wellness Tips
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For a lot of us, our healthy habits are thrown out the window around the holidays. We have less free time on our hands, things can get hectic and stressful, and we’re constantly surrounded by unhealthy (albeit delicious!) food. If you’re worried about staying on top of your health this season, we’ll cover some easy-to-follow Thanksgiving wellness tips!

Simple Thanksgiving Wellness Tips

How are you planning on staying healthy and happy this holiday season? If you’re not sure where to start, here are three simple Thanksgiving wellness tips!

Take Some Time For Yourself

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We spend a lot of time with others on Thanksgiving and the days leading up to the holiday. Sure, it’s nice to spend quality time with friends and family…but that often means we forget to give some time to ourselves! However, some alone time is essential for us to recharge and refresh – even if we only have a few minutes to spare!

While you might not have as much alone time as usual, carve out a few moments in your schedule to be alone and reset. Get out of the busy house and go for a walk around your neighborhood, find a quiet and cozy place to read a book, or get a workout in!

Work in Some Movement

3 Simple Wellness Tips

Speaking of working out, be sure you get some movement in this Thanksgiving! It is easy for your typical workout routine to fall by the wayside during the holidays. However, it is one of the activities that will keep you happy and feeling your best. You need that boost of endorphins! Even if you only have 15 minutes each day, do a bit of cardio, yoga, or strength training. It’ll make a world of difference in how you feel. 


Blog 3 Simple Wellness Tips

Drinking water is one of the easiest things to forget to do around the holidays, especially since we aren’t doing our usual daily routine. Of course, good hydration is one of the things our body needs the most during this time – especially when we’re drinking a few more celebratory cocktails than usual! 

Make sure you’re getting enough water throughout each and every day. Take note of every glass you drink in your phone notes. Or, carry around a reusable bottle to make sure you’re getting your daily dose of hydration. 

If you need a bit of a flavor boost to encourage you to keep on drinking, try Superfood Tabs! The berry flavor will make your water delicious, and you get the added benefits of the 15 incredible superfoods. They’ll help promote healthy digestion and reduce bloating (both very necessary during Thanksgiving!), and help you feel your best. All you have to do is pop a tab into a glass of water and enjoy!

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