How to Fight off the Sunday Scaries

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We’ve all dealt with the Sunday scaries, and they annoyingly make it so that we can’t fully take advantage of our time off! Here are a few self-care tips to help you fight off the Sunday scaries. 

4 Ways to Fight Off the Sunday Scaries

Put simply, the Sunday scaries are the worst. It feels like it was just the end of the day on Friday…but all of the sudden you’re already prepping for the start of the new week! 

If you find yourself dealing with this end of the weekend dread, we’re here to help. Here’s a little self-care guide to help you fight off the Sunday scaries so that you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated for the week ahead. 

Schedule Something Fun and Relaxing Ahead of Time

For a lot of us, our Sundays have evolved into the day of the week when we check off those random things to do – grocery shopping, meal prepping, housework, etc. While there is nothing wrong with cranking out a few to-dos, Sundays are ultimately meant for letting go and relaxing. You deserve to spend a bit of time doing something that will make you feel happy and recharged!

During the week, make a plan to do something on Sunday that will help you feel refreshed. That way, you’ll have it set in stone in your calendar, and will be less likely to push it off!

Maybe it’s a hike with friends and a lunch after, or a trip to the spa if you really want to treat yourself. Or maybe you’re passionate about cooking, and want to spend the late afternoon crafting a meal you’ve been dying to try. Of course, if the perfect Sunday to you means binging your favorite TV show, that’s great, too! Do whatever it is that will help you unwind. 

If you do have some things that have to get done, try to do those first thing in the morning. That way, you’ll have the rest of the day to dedicate towards more enjoyable activities. Ending the weekend on a high note will help you fight the Sunday scaries, and you’ll be able to go to bed (and wake up on Monday!) feeling far more relaxed. 

Leave the Work Emails for Monday

Is it really a day off if you’re scrolling through your work emails or texts? When you’re off the clock, you deserve to detach from work fully – which means not responding to (or even checking!) your work-related emails. 

Of course, your job may require you to be on call in case of emergencies, but if nothing urgent comes up, don’t feel obligated to stay on top of your work emails and texts. Kick back, relax, and have some fun with your much deserved me-time!

Refuel for the Week with Nutritious Food

If you’re a little too indulgent with sweets, snacks, heavy food, or alcohol over the weekend, your Monday morning is going to be rough. While there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, you’ll also want to balance that out with other good-for-you foods that will help you feel great. 

In addition to eating nutritious, well-rounded meals and snacks over the weekend, we love to fight off the Sunday scaries by working superfoods into our weekend routine. On the weekend (and throughout the week!) we love sipping on Superfood Tabs. They are packed with 15 natural superfoods that promote healthy digestion, reduce bloating, and help fight cravings – which makes it easier to avoid over-indulging on sweets and treats! 

We also always start our mornings with Super Amazing Coffee. It contains a ton of powerful superfoods – like ginger, matcha, cinnamon, and turmeric – that boost metabolism, improve brain power, fight the signs of aging, and so much more! This delicious coffee is perfect for starting Sunday mornings (or any morning!) on a healthy note!

Ultimately, giving your body the nutrition it needs through superfoods and healthy meals will help you start the week feeling energized and refreshed, rather than sluggish and fatigued. 

Plan on a Monday Treat

One of the best ways to fight off the Sunday scaries is to have something on Monday to look forward to! You don’t need to plan something elaborate – a small treat will make easing into the week a little more manageable. 

Plan to stop by your favorite coffee shop on the way to work, or pick up food from a local restaurant on your lunch break. You could also schedule a call with friends or family members on Monday evening, or set aside the night to watch a few episodes of your latest binge-worthy show. These small treats will add a bit of excitement to the start of your week! 

Ready to fight off the Sunday scaries once and for all? Try out our Superfood Tabs and Super Amazing Coffee to help you stay healthy on the weekend!

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