Why Spring is the Easiest Time of Year to Lose Weight

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Did you know that spring is the easiest time of year to lose weight? Take advantage of the benefits of the new season to hit your weight loss goals!

For more reasons than one, it’s safe to say that we’re all ready to say goodbye to the cold weather of winter and welcome spring. As we all know, springtime means better weather, longer days, and more opportunities to be outside. But a lesser known fact is that spring is actually the easiest time of year to lose weight! 

Curious as to why? Let’s talk about the major reasons why it’s easier to shed some pounds in the spring. It might just motivate you to crush those health goals as we move into the new season!

Here’s Why Spring is the Easiest Time of Year to Lose Weight

Sunnier Days Boost Mood and Inspire Us to Get Moving 

Have you ever noticed that it’s harder to get yourself to actually work out in the winter? When the weather is cold and dreary, most of us would much rather stay bundled up on the couch. 

Thankfully, it’s a lot easier to get into the work out mindset as we move into spring. During this season, the days get longer and the weather becomes more pleasant. That extra exposure to sunshine (and that boost of mood-regulating, spirit lifting vitamin D!) puts us in a better state of mind to actually want to move our bodies.

Additionally, since you can more easily be physically active outside, you have a greater variety of work out options to choose from. From going on a hike on a sunny day to doing a bootcamp class at a park, you have a more exciting selection of ways to get moving! 

We’re More Motivated to Stay Hydrated

As the weather warms up, we’re naturally more likely to stay hydrated, which is key for maintaining health and losing weight. After all, there’s nothing like a cool drink on a sunny day! 

Obviously, water on its own is incredibly beneficial. However, if you want to really take advantage of your natural craving for hydrating drinks, consider adding some extra nutritional power to your water with Superfood Tabs! Each tab is packed with 15 natural, powerful superfoods that promote digestion, curb appetite, fight bloating, boost energy, and control weight. 

Drop one of these sugar-free tabs into a glass of water to turn it into a delicious and fizzy berry flavored drink! It’s the perfect refreshing drink to sip on during a beautiful spring day.

Warmer Weather = Less Hunger

As the temperatures drop, we gravitate towards heavier, more comforting food to warm and nourish our bodies. However, as the weather starts to warm up again in the spring, we tend to eat lighter foods, as well as fewer calories. This is largely because the body tries to stay cooler during warmer weather. Digestion adds some extra heat to the body, so it’ll suppress appetite as a way to not have to work as hard. This natural appetite suppression makes it much easier to shed some extra pounds!

We Burn More Calories in Warmer Weather

A major reason why spring is the easiest time of year to lose weight is that we burn more calories during warmer weather. Similarly to the previous point, this has to do with our body trying to stay cool. When we’re working out in the spring or summer, our body needs to work harder in order to keep temperatures down. This means that we end up burning extra calories. You don’t even have to put in extra work!

Ready to crush your weight loss goals this spring? Add Superfood Tabs to your routine!

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