Wellness Practices to Try with Your Valentine

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February is the perfect time to work with your partner and add some excitement to your health and wellbeing routine! Here are a few amazing wellness practices to try with your valentine. 

5 Wellness Practices to Try With Your Valentine this Year

During the season of love, we’re looking at Valentine’s Day a bit differently. This holiday may traditionally bring up images of roses, chocolates, and giant teddy bears, but we want to inspire you to take a more health-focused approach. Here are five amazing wellness practices to consider trying with your valentine!

Get Moving

The experience of working out with your valentine won’t just make you feel physically and mentally amazing – it can also bring you closer together!

One of the best, most connective workouts to try with your significant other is a partner yoga class. No worries if neither of you consider yourselves true yogis – together, you can learn the ropes, support each other, and foster trust!

If that’s not really your vibe, there are countless other ways you can get your heart pumping with your sweetheart. Consider going for a hike or a walk, or try a new fitness class together. For a super budget-friendly (AKA free!) workout, hop on YouTube and find a fitness video that piques your interest. From more traditional yoga sessions to barre classes to ab workouts, the options are endless!

Give the Gift of Superfoods

Of course, a key part of wellness is ensuring you are getting enough nutrient-dense, health-boosting foods in your diet. One of the best ways to take your health to the next level is with superfoods!

At Superfoods Company, we offer a variety of impactful superfood products that help you feel amazing and live your best life. If you’re going on a wellness journey with your partner, these products can be the perfect gift!

For the coffee lover in your life, consider Super Amazing Coffee. This nutritionist-approved coffee is packed with 12 powerful, plant-based superfoods, like matcha, maca root, chaga, cocoa, and cinnamon. They help fight brain fog and improve energy, while also controlling cravings, boosting metabolism, and so much more! 

Another amazing superfood gift idea to consider is Superfood Tabs. Drop one delicious, berry-flavored tab into a glass of water, and watch it turn into a healthy, superfood-packed fizzy drink! These tabs (which are also nutritionist approved!) contain 15 amazing superfoods, including elderberry, ginseng root, chlorella, and dandelion. These plant-based ingredients work to fight bloating, increase energy, boost metabolism, and more!

Practice Gratitude

One of the best wellness practices to consider trying with your valentine is sharing gratitude. You may already know about the many benefits of keeping a gratitude journal, from improving your confidence to helping you sleep better to boosting your overall happiness. This Valentine’s Day, we want to inspire you to take this gratitude practice a step further, and share it with your partner. 

Consider both writing down a list of three (or more!) things you are grateful for – about your partner, about your life, or whatever comes to mind! Once you have your list, create an opportunity to connect by sharing what you’ve both written down. Not only will you both reap the benefits of having a gratitude practice, but you’ll also have a chance to strengthen your bond! 

Boost Wellness by Doing a Digital Detox

One of the best wellness practices for your mental health is doing a digital detox. This can look different from person to person. Maybe you’ll both spend a week without any social media, or turn your phones on airplane mode when you go on a day trip. Doing a digital detox can be tough, but it’ll be a lot easier if you have your valentine motivating you and doing it with you! 

Find an Opportunity to Volunteer in your Community

Wellness isn’t just about turning inward – it’s also about looking out at your larger community, and seeing how you can be of service. Volunteering with your partner can also be an incredibly connective activity. Work together to find an organization or cause that you are both passionate about, and then see what volunteer opportunities are available in your area. Coming together to help a worthy cause will not only strengthen your bond, but also uplift your community!

Want to get your valentine the perfect gift? Be sure to check out our Super Amazing Coffee, Superfood Tabs, and other range of superfood products!

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