The Best Fitness Apps of 2022

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The Best Fitness Apps of 2022
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Planning on taking your workout game to the next level in the new year? Here is our rundown of the best fitness apps of 2022!

The new year is officially here, and plenty of people have made the resolution to step up their workout game and implement healthier lifestyle habits in 2022. Of course, actually sticking to those goals can be challenging – but the right tools can help! 

To help our Superfoods Company community stick to their health goals throughout the year, we’ve compiled a list of the absolute best fitness apps!

The 6 Best Fitness Apps To Try in 2022

FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans

Price: Free for unlimited classes. There is a premium subscription available (FitOn PRO, which costs $29.99/year) where you can get custom meal plans, unlimited offline downloads, and other additional perks.

FitOn is a free workout app that gives you unlimited access to a huge variety of at-home pre-recorded classes. You’ll find yoga, cardio, pilates, stretch, toning, HIIT, and more – it’s the perfect app for those looking for a bit of variety in their workout routine! Many FitOn classes are taught by celebrity trainers, including Julianne Hough, Cassey Ho, Christine Bullock, and Jeannette Jenkins. 

In addition to the fitness classes, FitOn offers guides to healthy eating, meditation, and stress reduction. The digital fitness platform provides everything you need to stay on target with your health and wellness goals in 2022!

Alo Moves

Price: $20/month or $99 for one year

This one is for the yogis (and the aspiring yogis) out there! Alo Moves – created by popular workout apparel brand Alo – offers both live streamed classes (which you can watch on their website) and on-demand classes (which you access on both the app and website). Classes are taught by leaders in their fields, including Ashley Galvin, Tawny Janae, Dylan Werner, Jacy Cunningham, and many more.

The library contains over 2500 workout and wellness classes, which includes not just yoga, but also pilates, strength, barre, core, mindfulness, and more. For those looking to hone in on specific yoga poses, the platform also has informative classes that break down some of the most popular asanas. With Alo Moves, 2022 may be the year when you finally nail that handstand!

Nike Training Club

Price: Free

Nike Training Club is one of the best fitness apps on the market, offering on-demand guided workout videos for people of all levels. You’ll find everything from yoga to HIIT to bodyweight strength workouts to cardio. The app has classes of all lengths, so you can easily squeeze in a workout when you’re short for time. Nike Training Club even has multi-week workout programs that target specific fitness goals.

In addition to the workout classes, this fitness app offers advice on nutrition, mindset, workout recovery, and other health-related topics. It’s the perfect platform for anyone looking to take a holistic approach to their health goals in 2022!

None to Run

Price: Free

If you dream of becoming a runner in 2022, this app is for you! None to Run was specifically launched to help beginner runners create the strength, mobility, and endurance that they need to run on a regular basis.

This fitness app offers a 12-week running plan that uses spoken audio cues to help guide you. During your workout, it will tell you exactly when to run and when to walk – it’s that easy! Over time, the app will help you improve your endurance so that you can increase how long you’re able to run. In addition to this 12-week plan, None to Run has strength and mobility routine videos to minimize your risk of injury, as well as open runs and customizable run/walk interval workouts so that you can set your own routine.


Price: $40/month

You don’t need to pay the Equinox membership price to enjoy some of the benefits of this incredibly popular gym. Membership to the Equinoix+ app gives you unlimited access to the company’s extensive library, which offers a wide variety of both on-demand and live workouts that can be watched on virtually any device. This includes classes from popular brands under the Equinox umbrella, like SoulCycle, Rumble, Precision Run, Pure Yoga, and [solidcore]. 

Additionally, the app has mindfulness practices and meditations, so you can give just as much attention to your mind as your body. It’s the perfect option for anyone looking to boost their overall wellness in the new year!

Fitplan: Gym & Home Workouts

Price: $15.99/month or $69.99/year

If you want the fitness results of a personal trainer without the price, Fitplan is one of the best fitness apps for you. This platform offers a variety of fitness programs created by elite personal trainers. Programs cover a ton of fitness goals and needs, with options like 21 Day Tone and Sculpt, Circuit Sweat at Home, and Ultimate Abs.

Once you’ve chosen your program, you’ll follow the daily workouts, which include step-by-step instructional videos so that you know exactly what to do. There are programs for working out at home and at the gym, so there are options for everyone. Fitplan adds new programs every month, so you’ll never get stuck doing the same workout routine!

As you’re working on your fitness in 2022, you’ll also need to pay attention to what you’re putting in your body! Take your health and wellness to the next level this year with powerful superfoods

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