How to Find a Workout Routine that Works for You

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Okay, we all know that we should get some consistent exercise in to stay healthy and feel our best…but sometimes it’s hard to find a routine that we can actually stick to! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you find a workout routine that works for you. 

Establish an Effective Workout Routine That You’ll Actually Stick To

Finding an effective workout routine can be tricky…and finding one you’ll actually stick to is even harder! If you’re trying to create a beneficial workout routine that you love, here are a few helpful tips!

Determine Your Goals

The health goals you want to achieve should influence the type of workouts you do. Take some time to reflect: what is it that you want? Maybe you want to lose some weight, tone your muscles, run a 5K in under 30 minutes, or simply have fun and let go of some stress. Pinpoint exactly what goals you want to reach (you can have more than one!), and then use that information to determine what exercises you should add to your workout routine. 

Explore Different Classes and Styles Before Settling Down

Workout classes are a great idea, as you’ll have a professional trainer guiding you through the exercises, making sure you’re being safe, and holding you accountable. Of course, it can be tricky to find classes that A. you enjoy, and B. help you reach your unique goals. 

Thankfully, a lot of studios and online platforms have introductory packages where you can try out their classes for a discounted rate (sometimes they’re even free!). This means you can give a few different studios and exercise methods a shot to find the options that work for you. Do some research into what’s offered in your area and online, and give yourself some time to explore! Keep an open mind – you might be surprised about what classes you end up loving!

One thing to keep in mind: you may gel more with some teachers over others. If a certain teacher doesn’t give you a great first impression, give the studio another chance with a different teacher. You may find you like certain teachers more!

Commit to a Workout Routine You Know You’ll Actually Do

You need a workout routine that is sustainable! Chances are you’re not going to keep up with going to four cycling classes every week at a studio that’s 45 minutes away from your home – at least not in the long run. If you want a workout routine you’ll actually continue with, you’ll need to consider your daily schedule and overall lifestyle while planning it. 

For some, the best routine might be going to an in-person workout class once a week, and then doing at-home strength training and cardio on other days. For others, it might be stopping by the gym every weekday before or after work. Commit to a routine that is convenient for you – you’ll be much more likely to stick with it!

Don’t Forget About Eating Well!

Eating healthy, nutritious food gives you that extra motivation to stick to your workouts and overall health goals! As you’re getting into your workout routine, be sure to also look at your eating habits, and see where you can make any adjustments. 

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