Superfood Tabs vs. Skinnytabs: What’s the Difference?

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If you’ve been a Superfoods Company fan for a while, you might have noticed a slight change to our well-loved tabs. Don’t worry, on the inside, they are still the same powerful tabs you’ve come to love! Let’s talk about why they’re now called Superfood Tabs.

Why the New Name?

Our Superfood Tabs are one of our most loved products – and for a good reason! These nutritionist-approved tabs are made with 15 powerful superfood ingredients, and help our customers feel their very best. Plus, they’re super delicious!

But if you’ve been around for a while, you might have noticed a small change. Previously, these tabs were called Skinnytabs. However, we recently decided to rebrand this powerful product with the name Superfood Tabs. Why the change? Good question!

We realized that, sure, our tabs have helped customers boost their metabolism, curb cravings, and lose weight. However, they also do so much more! 

Our natural, plant-based tabs help increase energy levels and endurance, enhance mood, and support a strong immune system. They also encourage hydration, reduce inflammation, nourish the hair, skin, and nails…the list goes on! Overall, they help you feel your best, and we needed a name that better reflected that.  

Additionally, after listening to customer feedback, we recognized that it was important to promote the message of body positivity. The new name helps us show that being healthy isn’t about what size you are. It’s about giving your body powerful nutrients on a daily basis that safely nourish you to help you feel your absolute best. 

This message isn’t only important for our customers. It’s also important for the children in our lives who are watching our every move! We want to set a good example, and show the kids around us how to treat their body with love and respect. 

Get the Same Powerful Benefits with Superfood Tabs

If you’ve been loving the tabs, you don’t need to worry – the superfood ingredients are completely the same! You’ll continue to get the safe, effective, and natural daily nourishment you need.

In short, we did a little rebranding, but our Superfood Tabs are still the beneficial tabs you’ve always known and loved!

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