A Healthy Detox: The Dos and Don’ts

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Interested in doing a healthy detox? It can be hard to find a plan that’s right for you. But, don’t worry, we’ve got some handy tips to help you find your perfect plan!

Our bodies are constantly working to remove waste and toxins from our systems naturally. To be honest, our liver and kidneys do a pretty dang good job of this by themselves. But, we can boost the efficiency of our natural cleansing system by determining what we put into our bodies.

A healthy detox should support our natural detoxification process. Most importantly, your detox should make you feel healthy, energized and confident! Here’s a list of some detox do’s and don’ts to help you plan a healthy detox!

The Healthy Detox Dos

Blueberries and Almonds
Blueberries and almonds are great snacks to add to your detox plan!

Detox Do #1: Eliminate Processed Food From Your Diet

DO eliminate processed foods from your diet.

Eliminating processed carbs, sugars and fats will help allow your body to remove waste and toxins more efficiently. Processed foods are foods that have added fat, salt or sugar. Sometimes processed foods can include chemically altered ingredients that are bad for our bodies.

Additionally, processed foods have a higher calorie to nutrient ratio. Not to mention, they contain fewer nutrients than whole foods overall. While it is great to take a supplemental product to help you with your detox, its also important not to rely solely on the supplement to do all the work.

Ultimately, be mindful of what else you are putting in your body, and do your best to avoid processed foods!

Image of a planner
Pro-Tip: Plan your detox meals in advance to keep them extra healthy!

Detox Do #2: Make Time For Deep Sleep

DO make time to rest!

Sleep is when the body rejuvenates most efficiently. So, it is important to give your body time to recuperate after beginning a detox. The detox process can be intense; especially if it’s your first time. It’s common to experience nausea, headaches, indigestion, and lethargy during the first few days of a detox. As a result, sleep is going to be your best friend.

Not to mention, good sleep will rejuvenate your mind, body and mood! Sleep well to stay motivated you as you successfully complete your detox plan!

Try setting an early bedtime for the duration of you plan to make sure you can get your beauty snooze on!

Detox Do #3: Surround Yourself with Supportive People

DO surround yourself with people that support you!

Socializing can be tricky when sticking to a strict detox plan. Instead of planning a night out to the bars with your friends, check out a new yoga class or spend an evening creating a new healthy recipe!

It can even be fun to do a detox with a friend so you have a built in support system through the process!

Buddy up with your BFF’s for extra fun and support during your detox!

The Healthy Detox Don’ts

Detox Don’t #1: Don’t Drink Alcohol

DON’T drink Alcohol.

The whole point of a detox is to support your kidneys and liver so they can detox your system as efficiently as possible. That being said, processing alcohol is tough for these organs to handle!

Try out a relaxing tea as a night cap instead! Chamomile and Tulsi are my two favorites during the evening. Not mention hot tea can help with late night snack cravings, as well as help give you a great night sleep!

Try swapping your evening cocktail for a “mocktail” made with Superfood Tabs!

Detox Don’t #2: Don’t Stop Eating

DON’T stop eating.

It’s important to consume calories even when doing a detox! Our bodies need calorie intake to run efficiently. So, support your natural processes by maintaining a healthy caloric intake!

That being said, make sure the SOURCE of calories is based from whole foods that are easy to digest. Lots of veggies will be key here!

Fresh vegetables
Boost your detox with delicious whole foods!

Detox Don’t #3: Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

DON’T be too hard on yourself!

If you stray outside the rules of your plan once or twice, it’s okay! Commitment is great, but the whole point of a cleanse is to help you feel healthier AND happier. Make your plan and do your best! If you sneak a sweet treat during your cleanse, all is not lost!

The best way to be successful with any new diet plan is to get yourself into a mindset that lets you feel excited about all the good things you are doing for your body. Your optimism and positivity will help you be successful. But stress will just be a barrier to completing your goals.

Essentially, be extra patient and loving with yourself while you do your cleanse!

Superfood Tabs can help you complete a healthy detox that brings you joy!

We hope these tips help you plan your next successful detox! Find what feels good for your body!

Every body is different, so it’s great to tailor your detox to your specific needs and lifestyle.

If you are looking for some extra support along the way, check out Superfood Tabs! These tablets are a great way to start off a cleanse. Filled with liver-supporting ingredients like Dandelion and Milk Thistle, Superfood Tabs contain 15 superfoods that will help your increase your metabolism, energy and ability to control your cravings.

Good luck with your upcoming detox! May you feel happy, healthy and be successful reaching your health goals!

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