Real Superfood Tabs Review: Amy

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Meet Superfoods Superstar, Amy! Amy is a Project Manager from West Virginia. After reaching a plateau in her weight loss journey, Amy was looking for a little boost. Amy successfully broke through her weight loss plateau with Superfood Tabs! Read her real Superfood Tabs review here.

What brought you to try Superfood Tabs?

I was curious about Superfood Tabs (Skinnytabs at the time) for a while as I plateaued in my weight loss journey. I was interested to find ways to eliminate bloat and incorporate supplements that worked, didn’t taste like garbage, and would sustain my energy.

How do Superfood Tabs benefit your life?

Superfood Tabs help eliminate bloat and cravings. They have become an important part of my eating habits. I am an avid Intermittent Fasting fan and added Superfood Tabs into breaking my fast gently and easily.

"Superfood Tabs help eliminate bloat and cravings. They have become and important part of my eating habits."

What is your Superfood Tabs routine?

I take 2 tabs a day, at the same time in 64 ounces of water near 11 am before breaking my fast for lunch. My cravings (chips!) are gone!

Amy holding Superfood Tabs
Amy loves to drink her Superfood Tabs
before indoor cycling!

What tips do you have for your fellow superfood lovers?

Be patient, remind yourself that Superfood Tabs are PART of the journey NOT the whole journey. Put in the work, every day.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy your Superfood Tabs?

My favorite way to drink the tabs: two dissolved in 64 ounces of water.

Superfood Tabs on a patio
Amy enjoys drinking her Superfood Tabs on the patio!

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