Real Super Amazing Coffee Review: Alisha

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Superfoods Superstar and Content Creator Alisha first discovered Super Amazing Coffee earlier this year, and it’s now a favorite part of her daily routine! She loves the energy it gives her, and is totally obsessed with the taste. Read Alisha’s Real Super Amazing Coffee review here.

Why did you originally start drinking Super Amazing Coffee? Did it replace any other coffees you were drinking in the past?

“I was originally hired to take shoot photos of the product and then started to make whipped coffee with it! I loved Super Amazing Coffee so much that I bought my own bag, and now drink it every morning. It replaced my regular coffee!”

What benefits have you noticed from drinking Super Amazing Coffee?

“I noticed that it leaves me feeling more energized longer than regular coffee does.”

Alisha drinking Super Amazing Coffee

Has has Super Amazing Coffee impacted your life?

“I mean I love it so much that I drink it daily. I start the day with it! It tastes like mocha, it’s better than coffee, and gives me more energy.”

How do you incorporate Super Amazing Coffee into your routine?

“I drink it daily! When I’m craving chocolate, I’ll make myself a cup and the cravings completely go away. It even leaves me feeling full. I love it!”

"I love it so much that I drink it daily! I start the day with it. It tastes like mocha, it's better than coffee, and gives me more energy." - Alisha

What’s your favorite way to drink Super Amazing Coffee?

“I love to make whipped coffee on special occasions! However, I normally drink this coffee hot with frothed Super Amazing Creamer!”

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