My Superfood Tabs Review – Down 3 Pant Sizes!

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Check out this honest Superfood Tabs Review from blog contributor Alexa! She’s crushed her weight loss and wellness journey with Superfood Tabs!

Before Superfood Tabs:

I started my journey like many others – overweight, overtired, and just…over it.

At the time, I was a full time high-school English teacher. I truly did not believe that I had the time for self-care, exercise, or healthy meals.

A coworker recommended I try workout classes at the local gym and I worked out regularly but still wasn’t satisfied with the results. I was doing intense workouts three days a week and the scale was refusing to change! I tried meal replacement shakes, strict calorie counting, and fat burning pills I found online but couldn’t get the results I wanted.

Woman looking at bottle of Superfood Tabs and smiling
Superfood Tabs got rid of my bloating within the first week of trying them!

Enter Superfood Tabs:

Superfood Tabs became my knight in shining armor! When I was near to giving up, Superfood Tabs gave me a second chance at a life of fitness and wellness. People always ask me about my experience with Superfood Tabs, and I am so thrilled so share my review!

After drinking Superfood Tabs for one week, here’s what I noticed:

1) Decreased Bloating – This started happening for me on day two.
2) Decreased “Mindless Eating” – I wasn’t eating for entertainment; I was eating when I felt hungry.
3) Boosted Mood – I generally felt happier and capable of getting things done.
4) Boosted Energy – I actually started coming into work earlier each morning, just because I was feeling more productive!

Woman in fitness clothing holding Superfood Tabs box and tumbler
Superfood Tabs gave me the confidence I needed to feel good in my clothes!
I started wearing crop tops again!

One Month Superfood Tabs Results:

Here’s how I was feeling after one month of drinking my Superfood Tabs!

1) Decreased Bloating – No bloating for one month is an absolute joy.
2) Decreased “Emotional Eating” – No more 10 PM couch snacks, bored snacks, or “baking cookies” just to eat the cookie dough out of the bowl.
3) Boosted Mood – I felt so much happier!
4) Boosted Energy – I had so much energy that I loved working out. I wasn’t relying on coffee anymore!
5) Boosted Confidence – Truthfully, I started loving my body & clothing again!
6) Commitment to Gym – After a month, I was making it to the gym at least 5 days per week.

Woman holding Superfood Tabs bottle
Superfood Tabs gave me the energy & confidence to hit the gym regularly.

For Month Superfood Tabs Results:

Here’s how I felt after drinking Superfood Tabs regularly for four months!

1) All of the above.
2) I dropped 3 pant sizes in skinny jeans … WOW.
3) I started feeling comfortable wearing tighter tops, crop tops, and my sleekest workout
clothing to the gym.
4) I was hitting the gym 6x/week, taking 2-3 spin classes/week, and crushing my goals.
5) I felt like I was given a new lease on life!

Woman holding bottle of Superfood Tabs
Superfood Tabs helped me to love my summer clothes again! Hello, shorts & tank tops!

This product works. It isn’t a gimmick. It isn’t a lose-50-lbs-fast scheme. It’s a natural, real approach to achieving your health and wellness goals.

Now I’m about 10 months into my journey with Superfood Tabs. I was so inspired through my wellness journey, that I went on to become a Certified Nutrition Coach! I’m currently studying towards becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, too!

Feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any questions! If you’re new to Superfood Tabs, welcome to the family! If you’re thinking about getting yourself some…you won’t regret it. 🙂


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