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At Superfoods Company, we pride ourselves on being a loving, supportive, and inclusive community for our team members and customers. Now more than ever, it is essential that we strive to become a more informed, inclusive, community of allies for racial justice. This article shares a bit about what we have learned, and how we continue to grow in our learning. Black Lives Matter.

We Are a Work In Progress.

We acknowledge that every person and every company has so much to learn, and needs to own the responsibility to do better. Now more than ever, it is essential that we strive to become a more informed, inclusive, community of allies for racial justice.

We have spent time this past week listening, learning, and developing initiatives within our company for our team to do better and be better. We strive to become more informed of the systemic issues in our nation. In addition, we want to use our platform as a space to share what we have learned with the members of our Superfoods Company family — all of you!

If you read no further, read this: Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter protest sign

What It Means to Say Black Lives Matter

If reading that sentence makes you feel uncomfortable, excluded, or unseen, we highly encourage you to read this article written by Good Housekeeping about the phrase “Black Lives Matter” and what it truly means.

During this time of need, we do not want to distract nor recede by saying All Lives Matter. When we say Black Lives Matter, we are not saying all lives don’t matter, nor are we saying Black lives matter more than. Instead, this phrase acknowledges years of racial injustices that members of our community of Americans have endured.

As a company, we believe that knowledge is power. With knowledge comes growth — and sometimes growing requires us to feel uncomfortable. We understand talking about race may be a touchy subject. Sometimes, we may not know how best to approach it. In order to keep our promise to keep our community informed and knowledgeable, we have compiled a list of resources that we have found to be helpful and informative when it comes to racial relations. This list includes podcasts, books, movies, and more. We encourage you to explore whichever medium you find will be helpful for your growth.

It’s time to step up and care for our neighbors — and that starts with educating ourselves.

Sign containing the names of victims of police violence.


Here are some resources we have discovered to further educate ourselves. We hope these inspire you to make change during a time in which our country truly needs us to take action.

NPR Code Switch

PODCASTS: For those who are all ears.

Selma movie poster

MOVIES & TV SHOWS: For those who seek the power of cinema.

Author Beverly Daniel Tatum, PHD, and her book.

BOOKS: For those who find strength in words.

Image of @Dometi_ 's Instagram
Dometi Pongo is an award winning journalist, activist, & content creator! Highly recommend following if you’re on Instagram.

CONTENT CREATORS: For those using the power of scrolling for good.




If you are financially able, one of the best ways to take action is to donate to organizations who are currently fighting for racial justice. These donations are used to fuel non-profits, provide legal support to those wrongfully incarcerated, and purchase supplies for those most in need.

Organizations: For those who choose to generously donate.

SHOP gif


By supporting Black-owned businesses, you are supporting the livelihoods of Black business owners & their families! If you like to shop, we recommend checking out these awesome brands.

Black-Owned Brands: For those who love to shop.

List of Black-owned businesses to shop

Volunteer gif


In addition to offering donations, organizations in your community might be seeking volunteer support! We encourage you to check out the websites of local organizations and see how you can volunteer your time.

Local Organizations in Austin, TX: Here’s where we’ll be lending some helping hands in the coming weeks.

Not in Austin?

  • Search for your local NAACP branch using this link. Reach out and see how you can help.
  • Research local organizations that support the Black community in your area.
  • Support local Black-owned businesses! You can search for this easily online by searching “Black owned businesses in (city, state)”.
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - MLK Jr.

We are a wellness brand, and we cannot truly stand for health and wellness without taking a stand for racial justice and equity.

We encourage you to speak out, have difficult conversations, and push yourself to learn more every day. Black Lives Matter.

If you have any suggested resources to add to this list, leave us a comment below!

In loving memory of David Joseph, aka Pronto. Classmate, Brother, and Friend. May one day we see justice. – B. Ortiz

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