The 4 Cutest & Easiest DIY Halloween Costumes of 2020

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Whether you’re trick or treating with the kids or heading to a Halloween hangout, it’s time to start thinking about that costume, girlfriend! If you don’t feel like getting spendy at the store, it’s super easy to put together a costume at home with the right items and a little bit of makeup. Here are 4 easy DIY Halloween costumes looks for last-minute prep. Plus, we pair each character with their go-to Superfoods Company product!

If you waited until the last-minute to put your Halloween outfit together, don’t worry. We’ve been there. These four looks are easy to put together within under an hour, and can be made using things you have at home, with a little help from your local pharmacy or grocery store makeup aisle!

#1: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is SUCH an easy go-to, especially if you’re blonde! She’s a totally psycho supervillan, which is a fun energy to portray while dressing up. Here’s what you need to piece this one together:

  • Makeup: Blue eyeshadow for your left eye, red eyeshadow for your right eye. Add heavy eyeliner, mascara, and false eyelashes if you have them. Use black eyeliner to draw a heart beneath your right eye. Put on heavy red lipstick, and intentionally smudge it.
  • Outfit: Begin by distressing an an old white t-shirt or baseball style tee. Use a black Sharpie to write “Daddy’s Lil Monster” on the chest area. Pair with blue jean shorts and black fishnet stockings. Add a black belt and some powerful looking boots (or Converse). Bonus points if you have a red or blue bomber jacket to add to the look!
  • Hair: Curl your hair into loose waves. Run your fingers through your curls to shake them out a bit. Part your hair down the middle, and separate into two pigtails. You local CVS or Walgreens will carry spray-in temporary hair dye (like this kind) in both blue and red. Spray the tip of your right pigtail red and the tip of your left pigtail blue.
  • Superfood Pairing: Harley Quinn would totally be into Super Amazing Creamer. Super Amazing Creamer helps restores kin, boost brain power, and keep you slim! Harley would love the beauty-boosting benefits — and she’d also appreciate the mental clarity it gives her as she plots her next evil plan….

#2: Witch

An oldie, but forever a goodie. While you totally could pick up a standard witchy dress and hat at the costume store, we encourage you to get creative and modernize your witch! All you need is a wardrobe of black clothing, smokey eye makeup, and a daring lip color.

  • Makeup: Smokey eyes are the way to go. Add on the eyeliner, mascara, and false lashes if you have them. If not, you can buy them at the pharmacy or grocery store for a few dollars! Pair with a black or deep red lip.
  • Outfit: All back, everything! Don’t feel stuck to the old-school witchy image. Give you witch some life by adding black fishnets and jean shorts, a cute skirt, or knee-high boots.
  • Hair: Tune in to your witchy character and gauge her vibe. Is she totally nuts, double-double-toil-and-trouble? If so, go for a high-volume, teased look. Is she calm, cool, and collected? Flat iron your hair for a more sleek look. We gave our witch a crimped style.
  • Superfood Pairing: Any good Witch needs to be able to fight her cravings so she can focus on magic! Our Witch would totally love Superfood Tabs, because they’d give her the good, clean energy to cast her spells — while burning calories at the same time!

3: Mermaid

Let’s face it…who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? This costume is so easy to throw together and looks amazing on just about everyone. If you’re willing to buy some clothing with scales, that’s awesome, but you can still put together the costume at home for free! The makeup and hair are really what brings the costume together.

  • Makeup: Glitter, sparkly scales, and jewels are the way to go. Begin by cutting up a pair of fishnet stockings, and use hold them up to your cheeks. Using an eyeshadow brush, dab on blue, green, and purple shadows. Top with iridescdent glitter. We gave our mermaid and blue-green eyeshadow look, purple eyeliner, and voluminous false lashes. Finish the look with a sparkly or deep purple lip. Your local CVS or Walgreens will often sell stick on rhinestones for your face, too.
  • Outfit: Pull everything jewel-toned out of your closet and start from there. Blues, purples, and greens are what you’re going for! Beachy coverups and lacey bralettes are also super helpful for piecing together a look. If you’re comfortable with purchasing part of your costume, Amazon sells super cheap mermaid-patterned shorts. You can get them here.
  • Hair: Curl, crimp, or wave your hair. Run your fingers through your curls to give a loose, beachy look.
  • Superfood Pairing: Our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are vegan, which means they’re mermaid-friendly! People tend to think mermaids are naturally gorgeous, but it takes a whole lot of work to keep up that fishy figure! Our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies help mermaids curb cravings and slim down those scales. Plus, they boost energy and metabolism!

4: Maddy from Euphoria

Euphoria has undoubtedly become one of this year’s hottest shows to binge-watch. Each character is known for their unique, bold, and eye-catching makeup looks – many of which tend to reflect their current emotional status. We created this look as a homage to some of Maddy’s most memorable looks thoughout the show, which feature bold colors and shiny stick-on rhinestones.

  • Makeup: Stick-on rhinestones (on eyebrows, eyelids, or around the eye), with bold eyeshadow. Add mascara, eyeliner, and pair with a rosy lip. Match the color of your eyeshadow to your outfit!
  • Outfit: Maddy’s style is characterized by many monochromatic or matching patterned sets. She also matches her eye looks with the colors of her outfits. Accent with gold jewelry.
  • Hair: Maddy’s looks are traditionally high volume — whether her hair is up or down. Opt for a voluminous pony or pull out that hairspray and get to curling and teasing!
  • Superfood Pairing: If Maddy was shopping for superfoods, she’d totally pick Superfood Tabs! Maddy values confidence and would love the natural confidence-boosting properties of Superfood Tabs! She’s very passionate about presenting herself as beautiful and fit, so she’d also drink her Tabs to stay in stellar shape.

We hope these looks help you have the happiest Halloween ever!

Trying out a look? Snap a pic of of your look & leave it in the comments below!

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