How To Track Weight Loss Progress

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(& Ditch the Scale)!

Beginning your weight loss journey but feeling a little lost? Learn how to track weight loss progress & break up with the scale.

Ditch the scale & track your progress by how your clothes fit & how you feel!

Raise your hand if…

You’ve been personally victimized by the bathroom scale?
You’ve let the number on the scale ruin your entire day?
You have avoided the scale completely?

Same.​ And, when we rely so heavily on that itty-bitty number to tell us how we’re doing, it can often leave us feeling discouraged and upset. But, don’t worry, sis! The scale isn’t always the best tool for measuring progress.

Follow these 5 top tips to guarantee the best progress picture possible!

Progress pic tip: Photograph yourself in spandex and a sports bra for the most accurate progress photos possible.

Weight Loss Progress Tip #1: Dress Code

Avoid baggy clothes, and wear something form-fitting, like a bikini or sports bra & spandex. You’ll want to show your stomach area as this is a great indicator of your progress. Lastly, make sure you wear something similar every time you take your picture.

Progress Pic Tip 2: Photograph yourself against a blank, plain-colored wall.

Weight Loss Progress Tip #2: Background

Find a blank, plain-colored wall and avoid clutter in the background. You want as little distraction behind you as possible. ​This is all about YOU, sis!

Tracy M is crushing the progress pic game! She lost over 80 pounds with Superfood Tabs.

Weight Loss Progress Tip #3: Lighting

Try taking your pictures in natural daylight or in a well-lit room. Poor lighting can cause shadows and give a grainy look to the picture. If you feel there’s a need to brighten or add a filter, be sure to do the same for all progress pictures.

Have a friend take your progress photos so you can get an unbiased, full-front angle of your body.

Weight Loss Progress Tip #4: Angles

Try to avoid mirror selfies, if possible. Instead, have your roommate or significant other take your picture or use a timer function on your phone. Avoid zooming in on the picture, make sure you stand straight and in the center of the frame for a full-body shot. To see all angles of change, it’s important to capture your front, side, and back.

Take progress photos every three weeks. Mark your calendar up to remind you!

Weight Loss Progress Tip #5: Consistency

It’s important to take your progress pictures once every 3 weeks and on the same day each month. That way it’s easier to see exactly how your body has changed.

Whatever you do, consistency is key. Ideally, you’ll want your progress pictures to show you doing the same poses, in the same clothes and same location each time. Having a personal reminder of how far you’ve come is such an empowering way to measure your progress. Not to mention motivation to keep going!

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