How to Control Cravings

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Did you know when we crave a certain food, or texture, it can be a sign of an imbalance ? Check out the 4 most common food cravings & learn how to control them!

How to Control Food Cravings

Truly, we all experience food cravings. *rolls eyes* But, why? And, how can we control them?!

Cravings are powerful cues that tell us something is missing from our bodies. They let us know when we have some sort of an imbalance. We can experience these cravings due to dehydration, deficiencies, hormones, and even from our emotions!

Here are 4 common food cravings & what your body needs instead.

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1) Chocolate Cravings

Craving dark or milk chocolate? That could be a sign of a magnesium deficiency!

What you crave: Chocolate
What you need: Magnesium
Choose instead: Nuts, seeds, fruits, & vegetables

Woman drinking Superfood Tabs and eating watermelon.
Have a craving? Set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes and drink a glass of water. If you still are craving that food in ten minutes, enjoy one serving!

2) Craving Oily/Greasy Foods

Craving burgers, fries, pizza, or wings? You might need some calcium!

What you crave: Oily and salty foods
What you need: Calcium
Choose Instead: Milk, leafy greens, grass-fed, vegetables.

3) Sugar Cravings

Thinking about munching on Oreos or diving into some donuts? There are lots of different foods you could be missing!

What you crave: Anything super sweet!
What you need: Chromium, Carbon, Phosphorus, Sulpohone & Tryptophan
Choose instead: Broccoli, fresh fruits, chicken, beef, fatty fish, vegetables, cranberries, raisins, sweet potatoes.

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4) Craving Salty Foods

Dreaming of potato chips and pretzels? You might need some chloride & silicon!

What you crave: Salt-heavy snacks, like popcorn and pretzels.
What you need: Chloride & Silicon
Choose instead: Fatty fish, goat milk, cashews, nuts & seeds

Superfood Tabs: The Ultimate Way to Control Food Cravings

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