Do Superfood Tabs Contain Caffeine?

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Wondering if the customer-loved Superfood Tabs contain caffeine? We got you. Superfood Tabs contain 40 mg of jitter-free caffeine derived from Green Tea.

Do you ever wake up on a Monday morning feeling exhausted, uninspired, & desperately wanting the weekend to start over? Well sis, you’re not alone.​ ​While a cup of coffee may be your typical go-to, I’m here to tell you there’s a better caffeine alternative.

woman holding Superfood Tabs
Skip the coffee crash & substitute your morning cup of joe for a Superfood Tab!

The Real Real on Caffeine

Caffeine plays a huge role in the daily lives of many people. And, for most of us it’s coffee that we consume to get our caffeine fix. Sure​, coffee gives a quick spike in our energy levels, but it often leads to unwanted, jittery-type feelings. And, believe it or not…too much caffeine can exhaust the adrenal glands and lead to some serious fatigue (A.K.A.​ the after-crash​)!

I’m totally not telling you to give up coffee. It’s just good to know the difference between caffeine in coffee versus caffeine in Superfood Tabs.

Do Superfood Tabs Contain Caffeine?

Superfood Tabs have 40 mg of green tea ​caffeine. That’s less than half a cup of coffee!​ ​Green tea has been considered one of the healthiest drinks for our body. Not only is green tea naturally caffeinated and calorie-free, but it’s PACKED with antioxidants that help your body burn fat. YAS!​

Green Tea Benefits List
Green Tea Health Benefits

We suggest drinking Superfood Tabs in ​place of your​ morning coffee. The combination of the 15 superfood ingredients in Superfood Tabs help to kickstart your digestive tract. So, if you only drink coffee in order to poop in the morning, think about replacing it with Superfood Tabs for the same results. But don’t worry – Superfood Tabs are laxative free & only promote natural movement!

Check out the graphic below to learn the caffeine content of your favorite beverages in comparison to Superfood Tabs!

Superfood Tabs Caffeine comparison graphic
Superfood Tabs contain 40mg of caffeine, which is about the equivalent of a cup of tea!

If you aren’t normally a caffeine drinker, we suggest starting with 1⁄2 a tablet at a time, until your body has had time to adjust.

Make the best out of your day and start your morning with Superfood Tabs!

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