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Struggling to understand what your Personal Trainer is saying?! We’ve got your back! Check out this article for some of the most common gym terminology & descriptions!

What Does That Gym Term Mean?!: Defining Gym Terminology

Sometimes working out can seem even more challenging when all sorts of crazy terms are being thrown around. Similarly, working with a trainer can be stressful because this person is so knowledgeable about all these terms! It’s totally okay if you don’t know them. Here’s a helpful guide, so you can impress yourself – and your friends!

Don’t let the fancy gym terms get you down! Use this guide to become a fitness guru.

Weight Training Words: Defining Gym Terminology

SUPERSET: Two exercises done back to back with little to no rest between (typically opposite muscle groups).

COMPOUND: This is an exercise that involves more than one joint & muscle group.

ISOLATION: This is an exercise that only involves one joint & focuses on only one muscle group.

TRISET: 3 exercises back to back to back with little to no rest between (typically opposing muscle groups).

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Cardio Words: Defining Gym Terminology

HIIT: High intensity interval training. This is short, intense exercise mixed with a brief, low-intensity rest period.

TABATA: Tabata is a HIIT workout consisting of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of high-intensity work, followed by 10 seconds of low-intensity rest.

Repetition Words: Defining Gym Terminology

AMRAP: Doing “as many reps as possible” for a given workout.

EMOM: This is doing a given number reps “every minute on the minute.”

PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD: Progressive Overload is gradual increase of stress put on the body during exercise (increase of weight / speed / volume).

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Body Words: Defining Gym Terminology

DOMS: DOMS stands for delayed onset muscle soreness. That’s the soreness you feel after doing a new exercise or activity.

ANABOLIC: Anabolic is a word that means the process of “building up”, coming from chemical reactions that synthesize molecules in metabolism. It’s the state of getting “bigger”.

POSTERIOR CHAIN: The combination of lower back, glute, hamstring and calf muscles working together as a whole.

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In conclusion, going to the gym should not stress you out! In fact, you’re probably already doing lots of these things already – and just not knowing that you’re doing them!

Above all, remember that going to the gym should be a form of relaxation. It’s uninterrupted you time! In other words, pop on your favorite playlist, podcast, or Netflix show. Then, get moving!

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