When to Drink Superfood Tabs

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Wondering when to drink your Superfood Tabs for best results? We’ve got all the tips to make sure you get the most out of your tabs, backed up by our customers’ reviews! Check it all out here.

Starting a new health and wellness routine can be a bit intimidating — especially if you’re a total newbie! The good news is, Superfood Tabs were created for people of all wellness levels. No need to be a fitspo expert for this one!

Our brand and team are committed to ensuring that you have the best possible experience with our products; Superfood Tabs included. Here are a few of our favorite times to drink Superfood Tabs for best results!

Woman drinking Superfood Tabs in the morning
Drinking Superfood Tabs first thing in the morning
helps kickstart your metabolism!

First Thing in the Morning!

Start your day with a natural, fresh, and refreshing boost. Drinking your Superfood Tabs on an empty stomach will ensure you absorb the most of the nutrients. Superfood Tabs kickstart your metabolism and help you body to begin burning calories as soon as you wake up.

Superfood Tabs also fight cravings, so they’ll keep you from snacking between breakfast and lunch. Break room donuts are no match for your mindset!

"Totally has cut my need for energy drinks or caffeine throughout the day! I’ve been an avid [energy drink] drinker (like 3 a day 😭 bad I know!) and I haven’t had one or wanted one since I started with the Tabs!" - Rebecca
Woman drinking Superfood Tabs while exercising
Stay hydrated during your workout with Superfood Tabs!

Before Exercise

Need a little pre-workout boost? Superfood Tabs are the most natural option to get you motivated for the sweat. Skip the chemical pre-workout powders and swap for a superfood fuel. Superfood Tabs contain Matcha and Green Tea for a jitter-free energy boost. Plus, the metabolism boost will make that workout even more effective for fat loss!

"I've loved adding this to my fitness routine. It has helped me get through the long morning stretch of intermittent fasting and gives me a jolt of energy." - Vanessa
Woman enjoying Superfood Tabs with lunch
Enjoy Superfood Tabs 30 minutes before meals for best results!

Before Eating Lunch or Dinner

Drinking Superfood Tabs before eating a meal helps control portion sizes, reduce food cravings, and promote healthy digestion. If you often feel bloated after meals, Superfood Tabs are for you! They contain Aloe Vera, Wheatgrass, Ginseng Root, and Dandelion – all of which promote optimal digestive health.

"My cravings are reduced - I get my sweet tooth fix from the Tabs as they taste great! This isn't a fad - this is a way of life and I'm loving it!" - Kendra
Woman asleep at her desk
Struggling to stay awake to study? Try a glass of Superfood Tabs.

When You Feel Tired

Superfood Tabs contain Matcha and Green Tea, which naturally boost energy without causing jitters or crash. Green Tea (and hydration in general) improve mental clarity, reducing feelings of fatigue. This makes Superfood Tabs the perfect late afternoon drink, especially if you’re dragging.

"Miracle supplement, I’ve always lacked energy and these tabs have helped me gain energy and I feel healthier. These Tabs are packed with superfoods and immune boosters. I’ve also lost weight and my stomach is less bloated." - Sirena

When You Need to Focus

Drinking water improves mental clarity, as do superfoods Green Tea and Matcha. Superfood Tabs are an excellent alternative to an afternoon coffee — or the perfect study buddy! Improve focus & stay on task with a yummy berry drink.

"Curbs appetite, helps me focus, tastes good, boosts energy... total win….They deliver on the promise. Will order more!" - Gracey 
Woman with flat tummy drinking Superfood Tabs
Get that gorgeous flat tummy look with Superfood Tabs!

When You Feel Bloated

Bloating is caused by water retention. The body naturally retains water for a variety of reasons – dehydration, poor digestion, lack of sleep, and so much more. Drinking Superfood Tabs can help your body release the uncomfortable excess water and digest food properly, avoiding the pouchy water buildup. Most customers share feeling much better within under an hour of drinking their Tabs!

"I struggle with weight loss and bloating. I drink one in the morning and one in the evening. This product helps with both. It’s so nice to not be bloated all the time." - Rory

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