Ingredient Spotlight: Pomegranate Benefits

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Pomegranate is one of the world’s most powerful natural superfoods. Loaded with antioxidants, B vitamins, and potassium, this yummy fruit has a long list of health benefits! Learn more about why we include pomegranate in our superfood products, and learn all of pomegranate’s health benefits.

In addition to being delicious, pomegranate has a bunch of incredible health benefits! This natural, antioxidant-rich fruit is packed with B vitamins and potassium. Pomegranate has been recognized for its natural healing properties for centuries. Isn’t that amazing?

We include Pomegranate in our Superfood Tabs and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies to boost the immune system, a clear skin, and fight cravings! Check out this breakdown of all the super benefits of the Pomegranate.

pomegranate on table
Pomegranate fights off free radicals – the cause of disease.

Fights Disease

Pomegranate contains B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and other natural immune-boosting ingredients. The fruit has natural chemicals that fight bacteria and viruses, while strengthening the immune system along the way!

Drinking Superfood Tabs or eating our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies daily can help fight the common cold, flu, and other pesky colds and viruses. They also taste great and boost energy, too!

woman with beautiful skin
Naturally cleansing and purifying, eating pomegranate helps promote glowing skin!

Hydrates & Clears Skin

The B vitamins in pomegranate help naturally hydrate and clear up skin. Because Pomegranate is loaded with antioxidants, it naturally fights off toxins that clog up pores and result in bumpy skin. Pomegranate also helps skin to heal, and protects against UV radiation!

Pomegranate repairs, defends, and clarifies the skin. It’s the ultimate beauty-boosting fruit! It’s time to get your glow on!

Eating pomegranate before a meal can help fight after-dinner dessert cravings.

Fights Cravings

Pomegranate helps the stomach to feel full for longer. This assists with portion control, and resisting tempting treats! Drinking pomegranate juice or eating pomegranate seeds before a meal will help manage your meal size and prevent after-dinner snacking.

Pomegranate is low calorie, iron-rich, and filling. It’s one of the powerful ingredients that makes Superfood Tabs are great option to curb snacking between meals! No more chips between meals!

Our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are a great way to start your morning, as they set your stomach up for a successful day of eating healthy!

man studying
Studying for an upcoming test?

Improves Memory

The seeds of the pomegranate fruit contain chemicals that naturally boost memory function. This makes pomegranate an awesome study snack, and Superfood Tabs the perfect study drink! Our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are also helpful to have handy as you’re working on your focus.

Yummy fruit, or perfect study buddy?

oranges and pomegranates
Pomegranate has tons of natural vitamins, like oranges!

Fights Off Cancer-Causing Cells

Research has shown that pomegranate’s natural properties can fight off free-radicals, the types of cells that cause cancer! Chronic inflammation has also been related to the development of cancer, and pomegranate has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Woman holding Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies
Pomegranate repairs hair and makes it shiny!

Strengthens Hair

The seeds of the pomegranate contain a natural protein that strengthens hair! This protein also makes hair appear shiny and sleek. Additionally, the natural acid of the fruit repairs broken hair strands.

Time to get your shine on, girlfriend!

Woman doing yoga with Apple Cider Vinegar gummies
Pomegranate relaxes the joints and muscles after exercise.

Helps With Joint Pain

The anti-inflammatory parts of Pomegranate seeds naturally relieve joint pain. Therefore, this makes Superfood Tabs an awesome pre- or post-workout drink!

We love drinking our Superfood Tabs after a long run! It’s super refreshing. It also feels great for a full body cool-down.

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