The Health Benefits of Drinking Water

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Struggling to drink water throughout the day? We get it, it’s tough. In fact, most men & women drink up to 6 glasses short of their daily water needs! Check out the amazing health benefits of drinking water and how you can reach your water intake goal on the daily!

Did you know that drinking 3 glasses of water can boost your metabolism by 30% within that hour? Woah! But that’s not all water does… check out these amazing benefits and why our thirst is real for water!

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Health Benefits of Drinking Water:

Water Increases Energy

Drinking water boosts energy because water hydrates your brain! Even mild hydration can impact bodily performance, ultimately causing both mental and physical fatigue. Increased fluid improves concentration and enhances mood. With a boosted mood, you’ll feel like you have much more energy!

Drinking Water Flushes Toxins

The more fluid you drink, the better your cells can function! Kidney cells, liver cells, gall bladder cells, and stomach cells are all essential for flushing the waste out and ensuring your body gets nutrients out of consumed food. Flush those toxins by crushing your water intake goals!

Water Builds & Repairs Muscle

Like we said before, water is essential for your cells to function. If you want to build up those muscles, you’ll need to ensure your muscle tissue is happy and healthy — and that’s build out of cells that are mostly made of water! Proper hydration energizes your muscles to ensure you have a great workout, and also lubricates your joints to prevent pain. Finally, water assists your muscle tissue in repairing after repeated exercise. This is how muscles grow and get stronger!

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Drinking Water Maintains pH Balance

pH Balance is the balance of acidic and basic chemical fluids in the body. As you may know, your stomach contains acid that breaks down food for nutrient digestion. In order to have the right belly environment, you need to make sure you’re drinking enough water! This will ensure you’re getting the most out of your food!

Drinking Water Promotes Weight Loss

Water consumption boosts metabolism, energy, and overall immunity. A healthy and energetic body is more likely to get some exercise — and burn that extra fat your body is holding onto!

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Water Helps Boost Immunity

Water carries oxygen to your cells – especially the ones that fight off bad viruses and bacteria! In order to have healthy and strong “fighter cells”, you need to hydrate them properly!

Drinking Water Improves your Skin

Water flushes toxins out of you digestive cells, but it also flushes them out of your skin cells, too! Skin blemishes are caused by a buildup of gunk in your pores. Help keep your pores clean by hydrating them!

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