The 5 Best Natural Appetite Suppressants

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Learn more about natural appetite suppressants that are simple and easy to use! We know you want to know how to boost your weight loss journey, so we are filling you in. We love these appetite suppressants because they are 100% natural – no harmful chemicals! These ingredients will leave you full and satisfied longer so you can avoid tempting snacks.

Check out this list of the 5 most effective natural appetite suppressants!

Woman drinking Super Amazing Coffee by the pool.
Green Tea is a natural, plant-based appetite suppressant!
Both Superfood Tabs & Super Amazing Coffee contain Green Tea.

1) Green Tea

This little green leaf is such a wonder! We include Green Tea in our Super Amazing Coffee & Superfood Tabs because we just can’t get enough. Green Tea can be found in millions of health and wellness products because of all of the amazing benefits, including boosted mood and energy levels.

When it comes to suppressing appetite, Green Tea contains peptide hormones that work together to activate the nervous system and reduce cravings.

Woman holding Super Amazing Coffee.
Super Amazing Coffee curbs cravings & boosts mental clarity.

2) Coffee

Coffee is naturally acidic. The acid from the coffee contains chemical compounds that act as an antioxidant and suppress appetite for a period of time. For any non-coffee drinkers, don’t fret! Decaf contains the same amount of acids to suppress appetite, too!

Try our Super Amazing Coffee for a craving-curbing cup of java. Unlike other plain coffee, our Super Amazing Coffee contains 12 natural superfood ingredients that burn calories, boost metabolism, and increase mental clarity.

Woman holding Superfood Tabs at the pool.
Superfood Tabs can help you crush your water intake goals!
Each tab has a yummy berry flavor and is dissolved in 16+ ounces of water.

3) Water

Water has so many amazing benefits. Did you know the human body is composed of 60% water? Water fills us up and tells our brain that we are full. It helps us to stop overeating and it reduces our hunger throughout the day.

You should still eat balanced meals — but if after eating, if you feel that you might still be hungry, drink a glass and wait 30 minutes. If you are still hungry, then eat more! Sometimes it’s just thirst you need to quench.

We commonly mistake thirst for hunger, so if you try replacing that hungry feeling for a glass of water, your cravings might disappear.

Woman drinking a glass of water with Superfood Tabs
Beginning your day with a glass of water boosts
energy and fights snacky cravings!

4) Ginger

We love ginger because it helps control blood sugar levels, eliminates wastes in the body, and burns fat! You can also try adding ground or fresh ginger to a savory dish. I like to make curry and add a scoop of ginger to help ease the spices and stimulate my digestive system.

If you’re looking for a way to make your ginger drinkable, Ginger can be found in our Superfood Tabs and Super Amazing Coffee!

Woman studying with Super Amazing Coffee
Studying with Super Amazing Coffee can improve memory function.

5) Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the most commonly used, yummiest spices. Adding just a dash can totally change the flavor of a smoothie, coffee, or baked good.

Scientists have found that cinnamon will stabilize your blood sugar levels and inform the body that it is satiated. It naturally curbs our sweet tooth. Super Amazing Coffee contains cinnamon, boosting both the flavor and the incredible benefits!

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