How To Use Super Amazing Coffee & Get Results

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You get your coffee in the mail, you tear the bag open, scoop, and swirl. Nothing like a delicious cup of Super Amazing Coffee! Your body has never endured such super ingredients that it doesn’t know how to react. Except underneath it all, your body is reacting! It is making changes from head-to-toe. Your brain power is skyrocketing, your immunity instantly boosted, and you’re burning fat you while not even realizing it.

Amazing Super Creamer being poured into Amazing Super Coffee
Super Amazing Coffee is a delicious French Roast blend packed with 12 natural superfoods!

How To Use Super Amazing Coffee

We want you to be all in, take hold of your weight-loss goals, and achieve them! This dynamic blend of superfoods has so much power that you will want to drink every last drop to receive all the benefits!

Super Amazing Coffee Pods

Place one coffee pod in a Keurig or compatible brewer. Close the lid, press the button, and watch your delicious superfood French Roast brew! Enjoy hot or pour over ice for a refreshing cold brew.

Super Amazing Instant Coffee

Add 1 scoop of Instant Super Amazing Coffee to 8 – 10 fl. oz.of hot or cold water. Stir until fully combined. If making cold, top off with a few ice cubes. Natural ingredients may settle at the bottom of the cup. Stir as needed!

Maximize Your Results With Super Amazing Coffee

Super Amazing Coffee is the best addition to a healthy lifestyle. It’s designed to boost metabolism, burn fat, increase energy, stop signs of aging, and fight cravings. Let’s face it — if you are already drinking coffee, why not make it a super cup of coffee? It’s almost magic!

Hydration is Key!

Coffee can be dehydrating due to its natural diuretic properties. On top of your superfood coffee, you should be consuming at least half your weight in ounces of water. Water promotes cardiovascular health so your heart can keep pumping during exercise. Water has so many benefits that we could write a novel… but just remember, water cleanses your body inside and out!

Practice Intuitive Eating

Giving up the foods you love is no fun. Restrictive dieting rarely leads to success. You should enjoy food! Intuitive Eating is the practice of doing what your body is designed to do – eating when you feel hungry.

To practice intuitive eating, simply eat when you are hungry and stop when you’re full! Slows down when eating, and check-in with yourself. Eating slowly will decrease the number of calories you consume, help your body to digest, and allow your brain to catch up to your stomach.

Get Real

Real wholesome, unprocessed foods that is! Cut the junk like sugar, fried foods, and refined carbs. Replace those foods with complex carbs, protein, and veggies! These healthier options will stave off hunger and maximize calories burned through digestion. Don’t be afraid to spice it up, literally! Squeeze a lemon on that chicken and voila – no added calories and a burst of flavor!

Woman holds Amazing Super Coffee to-go mug
Take your Super Amazing Coffee on the go to power through a workout!

Move Your Body

You already know this, but here’s some motivation: Exercise can be fun! All you need is just 20 minutes of cardio or strength training a day to keep that body going. Instead of turning on your favorite Netflix show, swap it out for a walk around the block. The show will always be there after you exercise! You will never regret a workout.

Getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night is essential for optimal body function.

Get those Zzzz’s.

Sleep is pure gold! Sleep is so essential that we end up sleeping more hours in a day than actually living our lives! Wow! Getting a good seven to eight hours a night to allow your body to repair and get ready for another day. Sleep is good for our brains, preparing our muscles for workouts, and improves our immune system.

Try getting in bed an hour earlier, turning off your cell-phone, and develop a sooting nighttime ritual you can’t resist!

Coffee beans & Amazing Super Coffee Pods
Super Amazing Coffee is the easiest way to get your daily serving of superfoods!

Now, you have all tools & motivation you need to succeed. We believe you can do this! Big things are ahead. Super Amazing Coffee is going to take you to the top!

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